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Why Tinkerbell?

When I first got access to the internet, people advised me not to use my real name on the www. The first nickname that came to my mind was Tinkerbell. I've always loved that little pixie!

I decided to use it everywhere and not make up a new nick for every forum, site, etc. I like to keep things simple! ;-) Sometimes I had to adapt it a little and add NL or (19)68, because obviously it is a very popular nickname worldwide. If special marks are allowed I use ~*~Tinkerbell~*~ and I sign with "Tink".



My Tink Collection

Apart from a lot of stuff on my computer I have a collection of all kinds of Tink-things.

 Ron gave me this beautiful figurine "Let Your Dreams Blossom" by artist Jim Shore.




This is a current picture of my collection, made in July 2006:



added Sept. 16 2006:

2 Tinkerbell mugs, bought in The Disney Store in London.