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Of course my homepage wouldn't be complete without something about Mr. Williams. There are lots of great websites, forums, etc. and I won't try to exceed them. I'll post my own favourite Rob-stuff on this page: pictures, tips, reports, etc.


Just one of my favo pics:


I have a few pics on my computer...

Okay, maybe a bit more than a few... ;-)




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Robbie Williams Hub

I find a lot of Robbie-stuff (music, video, pictures, etc.) in the Robbie Williams Hub, basically an all Robbie file sharing program. You just need software like DC++ or LDC++ and an account. Interested? E-mail the owner of the hub Melissa for more info and an account.



Close Encounters Tour 2006

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the premiere of the tour on October 9th 2005 in Berlin, but I did second best: the live cinecast of the concert in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. It was the first concert with the songs from his album Intensive Care. You can read my report.


On Thursday June 22nd I've been to Rob's concert in the Amsterdam Arena. It was fabulous, amazing, great etc. etc.  I had one of the best places possible thanks to my F(orum)-gang friends. I wrote about it in my weblog, read it here.


On Friday September 15th I saw Rob in The National Bowl in Milton Keynes, England. Again it was an amazing experience. I had a general admittance ticket, but a very good place nevertheless. New for me this concert was the single Rudebox live, it's great! Read more in my weblog.