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PostCrossing is a project started by Paulo Magalhães. The goal is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost. The main line is: if you send a postcard, you'll receive at least one back, from a random postcrosser somewhere in the world.

Why? Because there are lots of people who like to receive stuff by mail. If you add to that, the surprise factor of receiving postcards from different places in the world that you probably never heard about, you can turn your mailbox into a little surprise box.


   My history map on October 2:

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red=sent, blue=received



You can see my PC profile here. I send out cards from IJmuiden or something else the recipient likes. This is what I received back so far:


Bubilas from Lithuania (LT-8788)



Thyl from Russia (RU-22146)



marinafir from Estonia (EE-28957)



Biggi from Germany (DE-199908)



Muhv from Estonia (EE-28961)



lxinwei from China (CN-20343)



ezomoni from Turkey (TR-10797)



jordi01 from Spain (ES-25656)



 tipsukka from Finland (FI-339769)



Koegi from Germany (DE-190257)



amusantti from Finland (FI-335739)



tris from Sweden (SE-5942)



Ophelia73 from USA (US-219661)



Zandra from Finland (FI-328703)



iicca from Finland (FI-327788)



Jaksu from Finland (FI-325681)



bebzoun from France (FR-30013)



Kicks from Norway (NO-11891)



Baumkrone from Germany (DE-185897)



hangmanka from Russia (RU-2885)



supposedlysane from USA (US-49693)



pedroveit from Brasil (BR-8331)



marjar from Finland (FI-55729)



imwideawake from USA (US-41450)



carolina_lili from USA (thanks for NL-16835)



Heitu80 from Finland (FI-49931)



-Aida- from Finland (FI-50908)



mistyeiz from Malaysia (MY-885)



ravynn from the USA (US-45049)



eeia from Finland (FI-42429)



miadelie from the USA (US-37533)



Jmferreirra388 from Madeira (thanks for NL-13310)



Ceme from Finland (FI-37927)



thinker630 from Canada (CA-5225)



Oh_Leela from the USA (US-39397)



Starfarer from Germany (DE-24232)



Suvikko from Finland (FI-36122)



Sunako from Finland (FI-34051)



Ana from Portugal (PT-14242)