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 In May 2006 I was going through my favourite blogs to keep pace with what's happening. I stumbled upon pictures/scans of postcards from around the world. It turned out to be a worldwide swap of local postcards by bloggers, started by DayByDay. I offered to take part and sent out cards from IJmuiden, The Netherlands.


Do you have a blog? Blogspot, web-log, LiveJournal, doesn't matter where. I'd be happy to exchange postcards with you and link back to your log on this page. Just send me an e-mail (see footer)!



This is what I got in return so far (most recent one on top):


Henderica from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands



Aline from Timmins, Canada



Laura from Saskatoon, Canada



Leo from Vlaardingen, The Netherlands



Lucienne from Canberra, Australia 



Tey from Brisbane, Australia



Miss Tonia from Columbus, Ohio, USA



Meow from Melbourne, Australia



Viamarie from Manila, Philippines



Mumbo Jumbo from St. Louis, Missouri, USA