Machine Intelligence & Biocomputing (MIB) Laboratory 

Welcome to Machine Intelligence & Biocomputing (MIB) Laboratory!  We develop new intelligent learning methods and complex network models for biomedical knowledge discovery.

Research Interests


Available positions

We are recruiting M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Applicants who are enthusiastic about our research are welcome to email Ting with your resume and research statement for an inquiry. Applicants who have an outstanding academic record and a research background in evolutionary computing, machine learning, and bioinformatics will be given a priority for consideration. In your inquiry email, please use the title [MIB lab research position inquiry]. 

We also always look forward to working with undergraduate students who would like to gain research experiences in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and biomedical computing. Please email Ting for potential research projects using the title [MIB lab undergraduate research project inquiry].