Christine "Tine" Walczyk, who obtained a MLIS from UT Austin in 1994 and her PhD in Information Science in 2016 from the University of North Texas, invites opportunities to share her library technology knowledge. She worked in both libraries and IT and considers herself a specialist in Library Technology. Her core strength is taking a topic and developing custom curriculum with the final audience in mind. Although an academic, her passion is for providing practitioners with hands-on, real world knowledge. She believes in giving back to the field by providing technology topics to librarians in a language they can relate to. 

Her dissertation looked at how participating in International Service Learning affected LIS graduate students. Her research interests lie in library culture, library philosophies, and international librarianship.
Recent subjects taught:
 Social Networking ToolsProductivity Tools CommunicationsTrends Misc
 Facebook Netvibes Google Search
 Goodreads / Shelfari
Google Docs Suite including Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Sites, Drawing/Forms
 Google Places
 Libraries and Social Media

 Skype Robots/

 Zotero Jing

  • Presentation Software Comparisons
  • MS Office 2010, and prior versions
  • Broadband Options
  • Electronic Databases (Day two - Small Library Management IV)
 Teaching assistant for the courses:
  • Trends and Practices in School Libraries
  • Learning Resource Organization (Cataloging)
  • Introduction to Information Professions
  • Introduction to Digital Libraries