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Chilu Lemba

Chilu Lemba is a Zambian journalist who lives in South Africa.Chilu Lemba has contributed his Madondo song Cciuta to the Music of the The Café d’Afrique as a tribute to Brian Zanji, who like Madondo had great influence in Zambian music and culture. 
I knew Madando from about 1993 when he was part of a band that played numerous venues in Lusaka.
Sadly he passed away in the early 2000's 
, says Chilu Lemba.
“Before Madando died, he had released an album, that he’d recorded at Kula Music in Lusaka. Producer James Mulenga later decided to remix the songs and make them slightly more contemporary. He emailed me an mp3 file of Ccuita for my opinion and I was moved by the track. It sounded really beautiful.
Words began to flood my mind and so I scribbled them down, went into my studio and recorded them then emailed James the song with my rap on it. Over the next few months we merged our ideas and what you hear now is the result. I hope its one that Madando would have been proud of.” 

Tineke Van der Eecken,
24 May 2012, 21:11