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Brian Zanji

The late Brian Zanji played performed his music and story-telling on a regular basis at Café d’Afrique in Lusaka with his dance troupe. His character features in Tineke Van der Eecken’s story ‘Café d’Afrique: A Personal Discovery’.

"I dedicated this book and the CD to Brian Zanji because his life meant so much," says author and former restaurant-owner Tineke Van der Eecken. "Brian was a friend and a great musician and custodian of Zambian culture."

Brian Zanji is described as ‘the most notable traditional musician in Lusaka’. He plays thumb piano, marimba and drums, and tells stories. His accompanists play various drums and percussion, and they perform songs that are either traditional, or composed within traditional idioms.
On ‘Africa Zalila Ngoma’ (The drums are crying) recorded by Acoustic Music Records, Zanji sings in Luchazi, Tumbuka, Bemba and English as well as his native Nyanja. Zanji mastered the various tribal idioms success-fully, without trying to acculturate them to each other. 

Acoustic Music (Germany) records contributed Zanji’s songs Tamaya, Tulambezi, Kalyaba and Mama Africa. "By doing this," Pit Budde comments, "I want to show my respect to the person Brian Zanji as a friend and artist. And I want to do what I can that he is still reminded and his work will not be forgotten."

Brian Zanji in Lusaka - photo by Pit Budde
Tineke Van der Eecken,
24 May 2012, 20:47
Tineke Van der Eecken,
24 May 2012, 20:46