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Discussion guidelines

Here are some questions to guide the discussions of 'Café d'Afrique' in book clubs.

1. What brings the author and her friend Laura to set up a restaurant together?
Do they have what it takes?

2. What change have you noticed in the main character, and what stands out as the main reason(s) for this change?

3. Zambia is the country with the greatest variety of leaf preparations.
How does that suit your concept of food or cuisine in Africa, and in Zambia in particular?

4. Like a film, this book is built from scenes.
What is your favourite scene in this book? Can you say why?

5. After reading this book, how do you feel about foreign aid in Africa?
The United Nations? Will it change who you ‘give’ to or how you ‘give’?

6. This is a book by a woman from a different country, in another different country,
doing things most of us would never do. Can you relate to her, and if you can, why?

7. What is the role of the gardener in the story?

8. The book depicts a range of characters, typifying the people you would meet in the Zambia of today. Who are they, and what do you think they stand for? 

9. What other books did this reading bring to mind?

10. Towards the end of the story, the author has an accident with her motorbike.
What did this scene evoke in you, and what do you think is its function?

11. Café d’Afrique was published as a memoir, yet the author states she has deliberately taken some liberty with some parts of the story. Why do you think she does this?

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