Section Events

American Indian Activities (AIA) Seminar
March 10-12, 2017
Camp Friedlander
Section C-6B has a wonderful event just for you! Interested in ceremonies, American Indian dance or crafts? Schedule yourself to come to the 3rd Annual Section AIA Seminar. The weekend will be filled with great opportunities to improve your Lodge ceremony team, create or continue your American Indian dance outfit, or just immerse yourself in the great American Indian crafts and activities! The weekend will include fry bread Friday, Ordeal Ceremony critique (pending), ceremony and dance training sessions, and workshop sessions for help and advice on any of your newest projects. Saturday night will consist of a Pow-wow to perfect the skills learned throughout the day. This year we are going to include more emphasis on the ceremonial aspect of American Indian Activities as well as maintaining the American Indian dance aspect. Those exact details are still pending, but keep this date on your calendar. More information will be provided shortly.
Visit the Section C-6b AIA website for more information

Section Conclave
May 19-21, 2017
Camp Friedlander
The The 2016 Section C-6B will be like no other conclave you’ve ever been to.  Conclave is a gathering of Arrowmen from Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  This years’s theme is “Welcome to America - Stars & Sashes”.  Don’t forget, conclave is not only for fun.  It is also a useful tool, in that valuable trainings will be offered. Then, Saturday afternoon is filled with fellowship activities!  You can participate in Arrowman Idol, OA Jeopardy, and the Section Spelling Bee.  Saturday evening, conclave will wind down to the tune of the first Section Awards Banquet.  The banquet will feature special guests, a keynote speaker, and quite a few awards.  After dinner, a pow-wow will occur, followed by the much anticipated Saturday night closing show.  And don’t forget that the Section as a whole will be electing the 2016-2017 Section officers on Sunday morning.
Visit the Section C-6b Conclave website for more information
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