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My abilities are: Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear feeling),Claircognizant (clear knowing) very strong empath, Spiritual Medium/ metaphysical counselor. I work with Spirit Guides, Angels, Angel Oracle cards, deceased loved ones and a higher power of your understanding. (God, Jesus, Buddha etc)

A psychic medium is a person that is able to communicate with spirits in order to make predictions and provide guidance to those seeking answers to life’s questions. I am a Mental Psychic Medium which means, I communicate with spirits through the use of telepathy, which allows me to hear, see and/or feel the messages that are being sent by the spirit. Then I communicate the information to the proper recipient.

Everybody has a spirit guide they can communicate with or ask for help. My Spirit Guide's name is Jack. We also have at least one
Guardian Angel. They don't normally have names however; if that is something important to you they will give you a name you can use when talking to them. Guardian Angel's have been with us from the time we were created in our Mommy's tummy to the time we die and go back home (the otherside/ Heaven). Our Guardian Angel never leaves us on earth whether we are watching T.V., driving to work, playing sports or sleeping. They are our divine protector. If you need help just reach out to them and ask "Guardian Angel" please help me. You have to ask before they can intervein in your life because God gave us Free Will. Gosh, I've ask my angels to help me open a pickle jar one time and waa laa that sucker popped open!


As a psychic medium I may be able to make contact with a specific spirit in order to help family members and friends gain answers to questions that were left unanswered after the person’s death. Also, I communicate with spirit guides to help me assist people with finding answers to their life questions and to provide them with guidance and assistance toward taking the right paths in life.

Please be advised that sometimes the spirit of the loved one you seek may not come forward for various reasons. They continue their life on the other side so they may be busy, there may be another spirit wishing to speak with you or there may be no spirits that comes forward.
 Our deceased loved ones simply want us to be happy and know that we are very much loved. When it comes to materialistic objects, Spirits only care if it means something to you. Like memories of how much your husband or wife loved you. With that love they gave you a special ring, picture, car or something they made. Materialistic objects that have sentimental meaning is one way a spirit will get your attention. You may find your husband’s wedding band on the floor when you had it securely placed in your jewellery box. That means they are there with you, thinking about you and loving you. Certain things have messages…the list is endless how passed loved ones let us know they are okay, happy and free.
My Mom Jennie May Spurr passed away January 21, 2011. I saw her standing in the hospital room right beside my Dad. Then that night I lit candles and started to talk to her. She made the flames of all the candles rise like a blow torch. I could smell her favorite perfume "White Shoulders". As a psychic-medium I can tell you that I grieve just like you. I hurt just as much as you do. I would be worried if I didn't cry or miss her. I do find it easier to heal knowing she is so very happy, healthy, and young again. I have been able to help my family heal by giving them messages from my Mom. Plus, most of my family has said knowing she is happy and safe has made their healing easier as well.

I would be honored in assisting you with your healing from the loss of a loved one. I'm hear to help you find your way if you feel lost or if you are in need of guidance towards employment, moving or relationships. I've also helped folks locate missing
loved ones and aid in homicide cases.  Even though I have never met you, I love you. You are a divine being of light that shines upon this beautiful planet. I feel blessed with each person that comes into my life. I also have a blog for daily angelic guidance you can visit and comment





Psychic-Medium Reading Price list


  • $60 for 1hr phone reading or chat online
  • $30 for 30 min. phone reading or chat online
  • $40 for email reading
  • $15 for 3 questions via email
  •  $10 for Angel Oracle card reading via email

I will NOT charge you anymore money than the agreed service option. Payment options are online with PayPal which also takes credit cards

Please send me an email to: with your email address and phone number if you're getting a phone reading.

I can video/phone chat with you via my skype account. If you would like this option then be sure to leave your skype name.

I have yahoo messenger, once again leave your yahoo user name with me. Thank you.

Once payment is confirmed I will contact you via

Subject line: Your reading by ~Tina~

Once you receive this email please reply with your questions and concerns. If you requested a phone reading leave your name and number. If you requested a chat reading please select your choice of chat preference.



How to pay for a Psychic-Medium Reading

Go to

In paypal click on the tab

"Send money"


Amount: $40 Canadian Dollars

Click "Puchase" Tab

Click "Services"

Click "Continue" button

Note: I used $40 as an example you would fill in the amount according to the type of reading you wanted. $40 is for email readings.

Once you clicked on the continue button it will take you to the next page which is confirmation of your purchase and the amount. Thank you very much.

Taa Daa you're done;0) Please be sure to take a look around via the "site map" because there is lots of information about angels, archangels and lightworkers.


Thank you

~Tina Starkey~





(By law I have to have a disclaimer)

Psychic-Medium Readings / Metaphysical Counseling

All psychic-Medium readings / Metaphysical Counseling and consultations are intended to offer guidance and an insight into a person’s personal life. I am not a lawyer, doctor or financial advisor.Your information will never be shared with any other third party EVER. Your information is not kept on file. Your psychic-medium reading is generated and your information is deleted from Tina Starkey’s system within 2 days.

Tina Starkey shall not be held liable for any stress or loss of income caused by any persons or event incurred in the process of providing a service (Psychic-Medium Readings / Metaphysical Counseling) to the clients.

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