Peer-Reviewed Journal and Book Articles

1) "Oedipi et Sphingis Dialogus, ms FLP Lewis E 164, An Unknown Rendering of the Oedipus Legend and a New Dynamic between Oedipus and the Sphinx” in Imagining the Self, Constructing the Past:Selected Proceedings from the 36th Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum, ed. Robert G. Sullivan and Meriem Pagès (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016), 90-107. abstract

My talk and article are the first scholarly studies of this text. The image used for the book cover of the collection is from the manuscript I study in my article and captures many of the ways in which this codex presents a new rendition of the Sphinx and Oedipus legend. I am preparing a critical edition of the Oedipi et Sphingis Dialogus.

2) “Christine de Pizan's Metaphoric Womb,” Medieval Feminist Forum 47.1 (2011): 32-51.  abstract  full-text
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Solicited Book Reviews

1) Review of Debate of the “Romance of the Rose.” The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe, by David F. Hult. French Forum 36.2-3 (2011): 265-267.