Research Projects


* I am preparing an article based on my talk on power, violence, sexuality, and the body in book three of Christine de Pizan's Cité des dames.

* I am expanding my talk on the trilingual Yale Gower manuscript into an article.

* One study focuses on Nietzsche's “Wir Philologen,” an essay intended for his collection Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen (Untimely Meditations), but which only survives in notes left unpublished in his lifetime. 

* Another study looks comparatively at German and French renditions of the same literary material in terms of gender, sexuality, and power.


* My current book project centers on a Parisian manuscript, or codex, from circa 1330 (ms Bn fr 60) that contains the three primary romances of antiquity, or medieval renditions of the tales of Thebes and the house of Oedipus, the Trojan War, and Eneas. 

* A critical edition of Oedipi et Sphingis Dialogus.  My article on this work is already available.