Michelle Pfeiffer

Aging Gracefully

2016 and 2017 updates at the end (From Darren Aronofsky's Mother! premiere). 

Michelle Pfeiffer is now 59 years old.

*Google sites changed the formatting of the page, it is now displaying narrower. Please click the photos to see the full images. Many of them are cut off unless you click.

**This site was first written in 2007 and content has been added on as time went by.

Looking at the Hairspray Premiere (Summer 2007) picture to the right, it seems that Michelle Pfeiffer is a timeless beauty.  

So, it's often debated whether or not Michelle Pfeiffer has had plastic surgery.  

The three arguments are:

 1. Her nose. 

Possibly the biggest argument, since her nose is thin. People who don't know anything about her assume that she's had it hacked because of Michael Jackson. Anyway, I will prove that her nose is naturally thin, and very much not perfect, as it is slightly crooked and pointed up.

2. Her lips. 

A second argument, but not many people bitch about this since it is generally accepted that they are real. This one is easier to prove, since who the hell would want their lips to be like hers anyway? You will see that her lips are real, and definitely imperfect : )

3. Her skin.

The last thing people rant about is her impossibly perfect skin. People say she's used Botox when they see her pics, and of course again, I have to say it isn't true. Lighting and make up go a long way, mostly lighting is what helps. People who have met her in real life claim she is aging gracefully, but who cares about hearsay.

Of course I understand why people would make some of these claims, dispelling her beauty, since she does look amazing for 49!

(I don't know if anyone will look at this site in the future but it's made today in 2007 so by next year she'll be 50, ANYWAY).

By the way, I am an artist (I graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts), so my analysis is somewhat relevant.

Compare the first picture of Michelle Pfeiffer in Fantasy Island (1980) to a more current one, from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2006):

 Notice that her small, pointy nose, is the same. The only difference is the lighting and her head tilt and angle. 

Here is a picture of Michelle from 1979 and one from 1988 (Dangerous Liasons). You will see that her nose is exactly the same. Nostril size, cartilage, etc.

Here is a better look of her lips (and jaw, there are some people out there who even go as far to say she had jaw implants):

As you can see here, her lips from Fantasy Island (1980) in the middle is the same as the ones on the other two sides, I could Never Be Your Woman (2006). I am pointing out her unique upper lip:

Finally, even when the lighting doesn't really highlight the point of her nose, you can generally see the shadows filling in the same places: (I Could Never Be Your Woman 2006, The Hollywood Knights, 1980) (Also notice her beautiful, strong jawline in the 1980 picture):

To debate: http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/michelle.php (Actually, they changed their Michelle Pfeiffer page to an even more ridiculous one, but they used to use the picture below with the green arrow to claim she had rhinoplasty). Their new pictures are even worse. They are lit differently, in different angles, and also present no basis for comparison. They also marked the time period of their pictures wrong.

Anyway, my above example shows exactly the same nose, albeit in the 1979 one, her face is slightly turned to the side, but you can totally see it's the same thing unless you have bad spatial intelligence. Notice her eyes, brow line, CHEEKBONES, lips, and everything is the same now as it was then. The ridiculous cheekbone allegation should be out now.

Here's a closer view of the  "crookedness" of MP's nose on a side by side comparison (1995, 1979):

Awfulplasticsurgery.com claims that Michelle Pfeiffer's nose was different in Grease 2 than it is now, which is completely bogus. Here is their claim: (they took the page down). 

Well here are 4 pictures, a mix of Grease 2 promo shots and recent candid press shots (originally to combat the awfulplasticsurgery Grease 2 claim): (By the way, the pictures will look SLIGHTLY different because they are different sides of her face, and we already know that her nose is slightly crooked so there will be slight differences):

Awfulplasticsurgery did present a new page: http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/2007/04/05/a-nice-fat-upper-lip-for-michelle-pfeiffer/ about her lips. We'll get to her lips later, but for now, the "80s" picture they used can be seen in Fran's archive: http://www.pfeiffertheface.com/Magaz_1979_Berliner.htm

Here is their example below, and a different picture I pulled up from the same archive underneath it:

Obviously, in their example, of course Michelle's lips will look thinner when you are not looking from below and she is also smiling. In the picture I present, it is a more fair comparison since she is not smiling, and it is also a below looking up angle.

Anyway, back to her nose:

This is a profile comparison between Michelle in Frankie and Johnny (1991) and Michelle in The Hollywood Knights (1980):

As you can see, from the side, her nose always points up a little.

Here is a few more comparison shots from the two movies:

The significance of the next picture is that it shows Michelle Pfeiffer in her first television appearance ever, in "Fantasy Island" (1978), the all time earliest footage of her (well, besides the pageant). It was replayed in a recent episode of The Late Show with David Lettermen (July 16th, 2007). Next to it is a picture of Michelle from Summer '07.

Besides the difference in lighting and angle, again, her nose is the same. (The camera in the first pic shoots her directly, whereas the camera in the second pic is slightly above her, looking down).

Now let's move onto another aspect. We know that her nose is slightly crooked, but it should also be noted that her nose points up, too. Here is a clip of Michelle Pfeiffer in a TV show, The Children That Nobody Wanted (1980), and a "recent" hit, What Lies Beneath (1999):

And there's more! Because this guy always keeps harassing us about Michelle Pfeiffer's nose on IMDB, here are just a few more comparison shots. I actually don't remember where I got the first picture from except I know it's from the 90's (If a pfan can help that'd be nice). The second shot is from the 1980 movie The Hollywood Knights.

The first picture is from a TV movie Splendor in the Grass (1981) and the second picture is from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2006).

 Finally, the first picture here is from BAD Cats (1980) and the second picture is from the premiere of What Lies Beneath (2001):

Alright, by now you should know that her nose has been the same since the very beginning of her career to now. Since I have used the earliest footage of Michelle Pfeiffer ever, there is no other basis for comparison.

With that in mind, some people still argue that she had work done beforehand. There is no way to prove this, since her career did not begin yet, and therefore there were no real pictures of her released. There is the possibility of using her pictures from her High School yearbook and childhood, which I have considered. 

Remember, I am an artist, so I restored the pictures via photoshop.

Here she is in              1975 (age 17)                                  1975 (Age 17)                               1973 (Age 15)

Keep in mind that the original quality of the picture is so low that it is difficult to restore the picture, and details are minimal.

In the pictures, one from 1975 and the other 2001, you can see that her facial features and bone structure are the same. Though she has aged, of course, and as you can see, she hasn't used Botox, even though critics assumed she did since What Lies Beneath (1999).

Here, you see her from the side in 1975 and 1999 (What Lies Beneath), where she certainly does look her age. Although the 1975 picture is of low resolution, you can still see that her bone structure, including her cheekbones, were intact, and also her nose is pointed up as it is now, and her lips are the same shape as they are now.

By the way, Michelle Pfeiffer has said that she used to be teased for her lips, which she says make her look like a duck.

 Speaking of her lips, awfulplasticsurgery.com made a new  article about Michelle Pfeiffer, this time focusing on her lips - http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/archives/007274.html

There, they compare a picture from 2007 and 1980, saying that her upper lip is now fuller than it used to be. They did not consider that her face is clearly tilted up in the first picture, or that her smile is much wider in the second picture, stretching out her lips more. They need to fill their balloon juice site with something, so I guess they targeted our gal since she's in the limelight again ; )  Anyway.

These next pics are from 1973 (when she was 15), 1979, and 1999.

Although the first picture is low resolution, you can at least see her general lip shape. They are full lips, with the top lip extending beyond the bottom lip. It is the same as the more recent pictures, one from 1979 (taken at the same time as the picture in awfulplasticsurgery.com where it claims that her upper lip did not look like this), and 1999, when What Lies Beneath hit theaters. 

Unless she started using collagen injections consistently since she was 15, I'd like to affirm that her lips are real.

Most people say that Michelle had a broad nose in high school, which is completely unfounded.  If you measure the dimensions of her nose, it fits right between her eyes in every picture. By the way, Michelle Pfeiffer's face does follow the perfect symmetry measurements. (So does Angelina Jolie's). (I haven't tried it with many other celebrities).

Of course in this picture, her face is slightly off center, but you get the idea. Plastic surgery was not necessary because her nose fits in the optimal range of falling right between her eyes. Most of us would kill to have these proportions, and she had it since she was 15. I highly doubt she had plastic surgery on her nose before this age, and this is the earliest picture of her (besides one of her when she was a baby which will not be used to debate whether or not she had plastic surgery as an infant).

 I want you to know that as I restored this picture, I did not use color to give her nose definition. You can clearly see the straightness and the point, because of the shadow on the right (and left). Even in the small picture, you can see those shadows. That point has always been there. Try restoring this picture yourself, and you will see this is true.

Back to her lips, In a final effort to confirm that her lips are real, here is more evidence, stills from an upcoming 2007 movie, I Could Never Be Your Woman:

I remember Michelle saying in an interview that she used to be teased mercilessly for her lips, but they turned out to be one of her greatest assets.

Her nose and lips may be imperfect according to some people, but in my opinion, it makes her beauty more interesting rather than generic.

Now we are moving onto the final part of the program, her natural aging.

Some people claim that she looks exactly the same through the years and that it isn't possible. Well, she doesn't look the same (1980, 1991, 2006):

In the first picture, she has a lot of baby fat, but all of her features are the same, including her jaw. In the second picture, her jaw is more apparent thanks to the loss of the that "extra" youth, which marked her beauty in the 90's. In the last picture, you can clearly see that she is getting older.

The first picture is from 1991, the second picture is ten years later, in 2001:

 I often hear people say things like "She uses Botox, there is no way she looks the same as she used to ten years ago." Well, she doesn't look like she used to at all, she has definitely gained lines over the years and isn't trying to hide them with poison injections.

Here she is during her 2007 comeback (summer):

You see all of her lines in her forehead, as well as around her eyes.

She also looks older in her movies. Ok, I always hear people say that she must have had work done after they see Stardust. Well, in the first example, if they give you a lot of pleasant, soft lighting, of course you will look younger. But take a look at the second pic, Michelle has a shot in the movie where she is lit by plain sunlight, which definitely shows her true age. I use the last picture to show my favorite shot of her in the movie. She looks her age and she is still the most beautiful woman in the world!

In addition, during 2007, the press had a field day releasing a picture of Michelle Pfeiffer "looking old." I do not see how it is surprising, because from the shots in Stardust, you can see the same aging in her face. Notice the shadow where her jowl really shows.

Finally, at age 50, Michelle Pfeiffer is still going strong with a beautiful, natural look, in this 2009 pic. Compare Michelle's 50 year old face to the plastic 50 year old face of Madonna:

I think that is why, even in some pictures where you can't totally see Michelle's lines, she still looks very natural, while the woman next to her looks a little stiff:

In a pic where the resolution isn't high enough for you to see her lines, Michelle looks relaxed, Madonna looks like her face is frozen and uncomfortable like she's wearing a mask or something:

Battling The Other Websites

So it seems that nowadays, bogus sites are coming out besides awfulplasticsurgery.com that want to accuse Michelle Pfeiffer of having plastic surgery, just so they have something in their stupid site. So here is how I am going to counter those arguments.

This is a picture from makemeheal.com (http://www.makemeheal.com/news/michelle-pfeiffer-plastic-surgery/272)

The "Before" picture is from her TV Show promos, B.A.D. Cats, 1980. The second is from 2001. The debate of course is her nose, that it used to be broader and now it is more narrow. The flaw with this comparison  is the angle. In the first picture, she is facing us more, in the second, her face is slightly to the other side. 

Now, compare the picture to one I pulled up from 2009 where her head tilt is more accurate. As you can see, the broadness of her nose is the same, even without smiling.

Compare their "After" pic to one from 2007. When MP smiles more, her nostrils will stretched outward more, which is similar to the "Before" picture they had.

Now here is a picture from plasticsergeant.com (http://plasticsergeant.com/celebrity/michelle-pfeiffer-nose-job):

The comparison is flawed because of the difference in lighting. The "Before" picture is from One Fine Day, 1996, the "After" picture is from 2003. 

Let's recompare the new 2003 picture to some pictures of Michelle from 1996, the first is from a One Fine Day press conference and the second is from the One Fine Day premiere:

You should see by now that her nose is the same under various lighting. Since the light doesn't really make the point in her nose as apparent in the first picture, I put in the third picture for you to see it. Let's move on.

The last site that is retarded is goingplastic.com (http://goingplastic.blogspot.com/2006/07/michelle-pfeiffers-perfect-lips-and.html). Here is their picture analysis:

Their claim is against both her nose and her lips. The claim is flawed because of the angle you are viewing her nose and the fact that she is smiling in the first picture so her lips look thinner.

In my comparison, I have pulled up pictures from the show B.A.D. Cats in 1980 (from the same show as their "Before" picture) to compare:

As you can see, the structure of her nose is exactly the same under the accurate angle. As for her lips, again, you see the fullness of her upper lip in these pictures.

Now I can sort of see why people constantly debate the authenticity of her nose. Maybe it was because I was a film major, but I can see how lighting really impacts how a person can look. Some people say that Michelle used to have a "button nose" and I can see why. 

In the first picture here, from Grease 2, her nose does indeed look like it is a button nose. But look at the picture from more contemporary times, 1996 (One Fine Day). Notice the lighting is "flooded" or more dispersed, like the first picture, so her nose appears to be a "button" nose and not pointy. We already established before that her nose has been pointy in 1996, as it ALWAYS has been.


Below is another example of Michelle Pfeiffer in flooded light. People say that in the B&W picture, her nose is button like and flat. Well, the same look was achieved in the color picture from 2009, when the lighting on her was flooded.

 Now we can make a comparison with spot light, where it highlights her features, making her nose look pointy (I am Sam, 2001, and Grease 2, 1982):

 Here is another shot of spot light, making her nose look pointy: (Grease 2, 1982, Frankie and Johnny 1991):

Let's move on to the present day.

You already know that Michelle has kept all of her lines and is botox free, when I compared her to Madonna before, who is the same age as her (51). Here is another picture of Michelle when she was in Berlin for the premiere of Cheri, in February of 2009:

Now it is June, getting close to June 26th, the opening of Cheri in America and she is going to be everywhere, and people are going to accuse her left and right of getting all kinds of work done.

And who can blame them, when they see her looking like this (June 2009):

I want you all to remember that up close, her face does have all of its lines in it:

You can't really see the lines as well as in the February '09 picture, because she is wearing a lot more make up it seems and the lighting is extremely good. Plus, her hair is blocking the lines you might have seen around her eyes. At least in the second picture, it is slightly darker, so you could see more. You can still tell that she did not have botox, unlike:

Even from far away, you can see MP's lines, and none on Madge:

Again, Michelle's expression looks natural to me, whereas Madonna's expression is that of a mannequin.


2012 is here! And with each big new movie Michelle Pfeiffer does, so come the endless plastic surgery accusations!

Let's take a look:

And she is a knockout! No wonder everyone says she's using Botox.

I actually made that picture smaller so it is easier to see the whole thing. In its original size, you can see all her lines. But why stop there? I decided to take a different picture from the same red carpet event (May 2012), except, use one WITHOUT the good lighting. Take a look at her wrinkles all around her forehead and eyes:

As always, Michelle Pfeiffer is 54 now and is obviously aging without the use of plastic surgery.

Let's take a few steps back for a moment. Someone has accused Michelle Pfeiffer of using "cheek fillers." I am going to now prove that she hasn't. Ok, so Michelle Pfeiffer, like Angelina Jolie, had very full cheeks when she was young:

You can see that both women started out with a lot of "baby fat" in their faces.

Let's take a look at Michelle Pfeiffer's cheeks over the years:

As you can see, through the years, Michelle's cheeks have retained their youthfulness, and even in the last picture from 2009, you can see that her full cheeks are still intact - however - I see a natural progression of her cheeks thinning down.

Let's take a look at Meg Ryan who DID have cheek fillers. It is a very OBVIOUS procedure.

You can see that Meg Ryan's cheeks are extremely full here, so much so that you cannot see her cheek wrinkles. Michelle's cheeks (2007, age 49) look much more natural. From the looks of it, Meg also had her lips done.

By the way, this is what Meg Ryan's lips used to look like:

Candidates for cheek fillers is not only for the older generation. Look at what Mischa Barton has for cheeks, below.

If you start off young with gaunt cheeks, you will probably need fillers when you are older. Michelle Pfeiffer, as evidenced before, started off with very full cheeks which got slightly thinner over time.

I always thought Michelle Pfeiffer has great CHEEKBONES with a PERFECT balance of cheek-fat. Someone who has cheekbones that are too prominent (in my opinion) is Saffron Burrows, below.

There is definitely genetics in play. Michelle Pfeiffer has fewer smile lines across her cheeks, compared to someone like Sharon Stone, for example (they are both the same age by the way). Look at Michelle from young to old and Sharon from young to old:

As you can see, Michelle's smile lines have always been limited in scope, and hits all the same spots.
Sharon Stone, however, has lines on her cheeks from smiling that goes across more of her cheeks, regardless of her age. These are genetic traits, there is nothing you can do about it.
As you can see, Sharon's smile lines go all across her face, whereas Michelle Pfeiffer's generally do not. Even when Sharon's face is relaxed and not smiling, you can still see her lines across her face. You cannot botox those lines away. You can see however, that Sharon did botox her forehead (hi-res picture).

*the large picture of Michelle above is NOT hi-res so you cannot see her wrinkles in her forehead (the pic is also a little blurry). To see her 2007 wrinkles, look below:

If you go back up, you will see that Sharon Stone does not appear to have any wrinkles on her forehead or even around her eyes (unless she smiles). Michelle Pfeiffer has her lines in her forehead as well as around her eyes (relaxed face, not smiling).

Let's take a look at Michelle Pfeiffer during the end of 2011, in the New Year's eve premiere. If you look CLOSELY, you can see Michelle Pfeiffer has her lines in her forehead as well as around her eyes. Look at Sharon Stone on the right, she is the same age as Michelle (both are 53 at the time). Sharon has botoxed her forehead, which is blank. Click the pic to zoom in. In a few images below you will see a close up of Michelle's face from this event that further shows her aging. I will indicate with these stars *******

Michelle Pfeiffer looks youthful thanks to her genetics. Sharon Stone can botox all she wants, she will still look older than Michelle. Imagine if Sharon Stone was in New Year's Eve instead of Michelle, and Sharon stood next to Efron. She would look immensely older. Michelle Pfeiffer just has great genes, not plastic surgery.
Here is a final comparison. Sharon Stone's cheek wrinkles are apparent since she was young. Michelle Pfeiffer on the other hand, has far fewer cheek wrinkles. It is simply, genetics. **I hope this dispels any accusation that Michelle has had cheek fillers!**

Now, let's compare Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman. You can see Michelle Pfeiffer from Grease 2 (1982) and in the bottom right, from Hairspray (premiere) 2007. Michelle has the same lips and same thin nose. Look at the older pictures of Nicole Kidman compared to her new picture in the middle. Her lips are immensely larger than before!

Now, for the ultimate comparison. Let's go back to someone who is Michelle Pfeiffer's age. Madonna. Here is Michelle Pfeiffer in the 2009 premiere of Cheri. In the picture to the left, people kept commenting that "Michelle had so much plastic surgery!" But let's zoom in for a closer look.

You can see that Michelle Pfeiffer has absolutely NOTHING done. No botox, none. Look at Madonna. There are no wrinkles in her forehead or around her eyes. Michelle has ALL of them.

*******Below is Michelle Pfeiffer again in 2011.This is from the same event as the photo before with her and Zac Efron. Click the pic to see a zoomed version. In the first picture Michelle's skin looks completely free of wrinkles, but in the second photo, you can see that she is aging naturally. This is from the same event as the one with her and Zac Efron a few images up.

Last Madonna comparison below. Michelle in 2012! (age 54) Again, people say she has had work done. Let's do one final Michelle vs. Madonna and see who has wrinkles.

Again, Michelle Pfeiffer has all of her wrinkles. Madonna? Virtually none. One can argue that Madonna looks a lot better than Michelle Pfeiffer. But if you look at the last picture, same angle as the first, Michelle looks great.

I'm sure she's aware that in MOST of the pictures taken of her, she will come out nicely thanks the lighting and make up. Why cut up your face and fill it with poison? So you can look "flawless" on a red carpet?

Michelle Pfeiffer has NEVER tried to hide her age. Even though I respect her for that, a part of me thinks that she is just one of those people who doesn't care about what she looks like.

Yes, she will make herself pretty for these events, but she has never worn any extravagant gowns or wore a ton of jewelry. She even re-wore the same dresses several times:

Here is Michelle in the same dress in 2007 and 2009.

Compare her to someone like Sarah Jessica Parker, who got mad because she wasn't the first to wear a design:

Quote: "what they did was so short-sighted. It's just unethical and disappointing that they would allow the dress to be worn again."

Well, I guess she thought it was "unethical" to be the third person wearing a dress. She still looked great in it though. I love SJP and watched Sex and the City a few times (the entire series). I just think she can come off a little self-deluded sometimes.

Meanwhile, Michelle Pfeiffer has worn a single dress, herself, 3 times:

Normal people wear the same thing more than once.

Let's take one last overall comparison below. Michelle Pfeiffer is in the middle, from April 2012. Remember, If we were to look at MP's face in hi-res, we will see her wrinkles (as evidenced many, many times over, above).

I have Melissa Joan Hart here to show that even though she is about 20 years younger than MP, aging is mostly genetic. Melissa is simply not aging as well as Michelle (by the way, I love Melissa and the show Sabrina!).

I also have Kylie Minogue as an example of someone who looks like a wax figure. Even though you can't see MP's wrinkles in this low-res pic, you can see that her face is not stiff like Kylie's. I actually like Kylie Minogue, too.

I have Meg here again to show what it is like to go overboard on plastic surgery. Nicole is here to remind you what fake lips look like. I also put in Melanie Griffith (1 year older than Michelle) to show the botox work. Sharon Stone is here to remind you that Michelle hasn't had cheek fillers, simply bc Michelle genetically does not need them.

And finally, I put in Madonna as an example to show a woman who is the same age as Michelle Pfeiffer but is desperately trying to fight her age. I have no problem with a woman who stays fit (Michelle Pfeiffer exercises regularly), but it may be possible that Madonna is overdoing it a little. But she should do what makes her happy. I do think she should lighten up on the plastic surgery on her face though.

***So remember, while Michelle Pfeiffer does tend to look amazing in a little red dress (below), if you go up close to her face - you will see that she hasn't had work done.

JUNE 15th 2012 UPDATE!

Again, many, many people are saying MP had work done. It never stops. Here is a nice picture of Michelle Pfeiffer and Chris Pine to start. I guess with pictures like these, it's not hard to see why people would think she had work done:

But look, this is what she looks like without the lighting, from the same event:

As you can see, she has all of her lines around her eyes, between her eyes, all over her forehead, around her jowls, etc. Completely natural. She NEVER tried to hide the fact that she is aging.

Michelle Pfeiffer chooses not to cut up her face or inject herself with poison to fit some ideal. Why? So she can look plastic on the red carpet for a few minutes?

She knows that most of her pictures will come out pretty thanks to make up and lighting, as shown in the following:

2016 Update
Sorry the watermark is in this pic. I also darkened the original image so you can see the wrinkles. This is from Sept 2016.

Of course from far away you can't see any of her lines. Here is a photo below of her with her husband David E Kelley from the same event. This photo unleashed an onslaught from people accusing her of having work done. 

Here is another 2016 photo from the same event, just so you can see a close up of her face again. I also darkened this one as well so you can see the lines in her face.

2017 updates below

Here is one from 2017, but from further away so you can't see her wrinkles. Unfortunately, when people look at this, as always, they will think she had work done. 

Here is a still from The Wizard of Lies (2017) where you can see Michelle has aged naturally. It's hard to get a good screen cap so try to watch the movie yourself. You'll see she hasn't had any botox done. 

When you see her on Actors on Actors (an interview with her and Sarah Jessica Parker, partly about The Wizard of Lies) you will think she had work done but it's really just make up and lighting.

Meanwhile, here is an on-set photo of Michelle Pfeiffer during the filming of Mother! It was taken towards the end of shooting so probably early 2017. 

So even though you can't see her wrinkles in the interview screen shot, you can see them in her normal hi-res photos. No botox!

September 6, 2017 Updates from Darren Aronofsky's Mother! premiere in Venice.

First, let's take a look at this photo. People could look at it and think she had botox done:

But really, it is just very good lighting. Because here are some other photos from the same day that show all the lines in her face. Michelle has still not used Botox or had any surgeries.

Another photo:

But of course as always, when people see photos of her from far away, they will think she had work done because they can't see her wrinkles. Like these photos (1, 2, 3):




But again take a closer look and you'll see her lines:

Of course, as always, Michelle still looks amazing, aging gracefully at 59 years: 

Michelle Pfeiffer is aging gracefully and still looking great!

One day, Michelle will age to a point where she can obviously no longer retain the beauty of her prime, but I hope she continues to work because...

I do love the memories she leaves behind ; )