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Decision Analysis for Tax Matters

van Gelder, T.J. Decision analysis for tax matters.  2nd Annual Tax Forum, The Tax Institute, Victoria Division, 9th October 2014.  

From the introduction: 

This paper is a very gentle introduction to decision analysis for tax specialists.  It briefly explains what decision analysis is; illustrates two kinds of applications of decision analysis in tax matters; and discusses some apprehensions and misperceptions which can stand in the way of using decision analysis. The key messages are: 
  • Decision analysis techniques can provide rich insight into certain types of decision challenges arising in tax matters;
  • It is therefore plausible that certain kinds of clients can be better advised with the help of decision analysis;
  • Gaining the benefits of decision analysis is more feasible than many tax specialists think 
Tim van Gelder,
Oct 2, 2014, 3:36 PM