This site makes available some of my publications. Many, particularly pre-2000, are not yet available here. I'll be gradually extending the collection over time. 

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Mapping our COVID-19 Recovery Online magazine article describing how the SWARM platform was used in a major collective wisdom exercise 2020 
Improving analytic reasoning via crowdsourcing and structured analytic techniques Journal article presenting theoretical framing and headline results from major study of SWARM platform 2020 
The Role of Narrative in Collaborative Reasoning and Intelligence Analysis Journal article describing an enthnographic analysis of how intelligence analysts use narrative-based reasoning 2020 
Elicitation of stakeholder insights to military platform current and future sustainment challenges Conference paper describing results from an elicitation process I helped facilitate for Defense Science Technology Group. Topic is future work in sensors and analytics for military aircraft sustainment. 2019 
The Design and Development of a Cloud-based Platform Supporting Team-oriented Evidence-based Reasoning: SWARM Systems Paper Conference paper overview of SWARM. Co-authored with many SWARM Project colleagues 2019 
Crowdsourcing citizen intelligence Conference paper - discusses the emergence of citizen intelligence and implications for governments and intelligence agencies 2019 
Bellingcat’s report on MH17 shows citizens can and will do intelligence work Magazine piece. Short version of Crowdsourcing Citizen Intelligence 2019 
Contending Analyses First short paper presenting the concept of Contending Analyses as a new structured analytical technique 2019 
Using Computer-Aided Argument Mapping to Teach Reasoning Overview article for educators. Introduces key concepts of argument mapping. 2019 
SWARM: Cultivating Evidence-based Reasoning First substantial article about the SWARM platform 2018 
Crowdsourcing Security Intelligence Magazine piece about SWARM Project 2018 
Pursuing Fundamental Advances in Reasoning Brief overview of SWARM, relating it to AGI 2017 
Guide to Expert Elicitation within Defence Technical Report for internal Defence use 2017 
Mapping an Argument One page magazine article discussing how argument mapping can help improve e.g. biosecurity risk analysis documents. 2016 
Augmenting Expert Elicitation with Structured Visual Deliberation Describes the process used to handle a complex estimation problem, and how dialogue mapping was used to augment the process. 2016 
Using Argument Mapping To Improve Critical Thinking Chapter in Handbook of Critical Thinking in Higher Education 2015 
Decision Analysis for Tax Matters Conference paper introducing some uses of decision analysis for tax specialists 2014 
Do you hold a Bayesian or a Boolean worldview? Newspaper opinion piece 2014 
Argument Mapping 1000 word overview of argument mapping. Encyclopedia entry. 2013 
The Wisdom Of Polls Magazine piece defending the idea of collective minds, with brief overview of YourView 2013 
YourView - Whats Next in Journalism Book chapter; brief overview of YourView, with a focus on the issue clarifiers aspect, plus a little personal reflection. 2013 
Argument Mapping as a Tool for Analysis of Complex Problems within Fleet Acquisition and Through-Life Support Conference paper co-authored with a group of defence scientists  2013 
Cultivating Deliberation for Democracy Piece for Journal of Public Deliberation. Describes YourView 2012 
Sustainability demands public wisdom Short version of the Public Wisdom chapter 2012 
Public Wisdom Chapter for a book on actions for sustainability. Makes the case for a "national virtual forum" 2012 
Interview in The Reasoner Magazine interview by Kevin Korb, with Kevin's introduction. Covers my career, and argument mapping. 2010 
The Wise Delinquency of Decision Makers Magazine article discussing deliberative versus formal decision methods. 2010 
Enhancing our Grasp of Complex Arguments An overview of why argument mapping is a Good Thing. Co-authored with Paul Monk. First appeared as a speech in 2004, now published in Spanish translation. 2010 
Hi-Trees and Their Layout Computer science article on layout algorithms. Defines notion of a hi-tree, the fundamental "topology" of argument structures. Lead author Kim Marriott 2010 
Strong Theory, Weak Dialogue Magazine piece on traffic congestion and dialogue mapping. Coauthored with Bern Grush. 2010 
What is Decision Mapping? Brief overview 2010 
Critical Thinking: Reasoning and Communicating with Rationale Co-authored book published in English and Dutch. Learning materials for use with Rationale. 2009 
Improving Board Decision Making Draft whitepaper 2009 
Enhancing Board Deliberations with Decision Mapping - Summary Compact (6 page) version of full whitepaper 2009 
Mapping out the Options Short online magazine-type piece. Discusses decision mapping as an elaboration of Ben Franklin's "moral algebra". 2009 
Guide to Making Business Decisions with bCisive 16 page whitepaper; first articulation of Business Decision Mapping. 2008 
Can We Do Better Than ACH? Newsletter piece discussing shortcomings of the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses method. 2008 
Visualizing Argument Structure Computer science paper on the algorithms behind the Rationale software. Paper co-authored with Peter Sbarski (lead author), Kim Marriott and others.  2008 
The Rationale for Rationale™ Research article on the Rationale software; explores three explanations of its utility 2007 
Does Philosophy Improve Reasoning Skills? MA thesis by Claudia Alvarez, at the time a student of mine. Contains meta-analysis of studies of critical thinking gains, including the Reason Project studies. 2007 
Vertical Thinking One page promotional piece 2006 
Critical Thinking for Risk Mitigation Magazine-type article in Journal of the Chartered Secretaries Australia. 2006 
Revisiting the Dynamical Hypothesis Book chapter 2006 
I think therefore I am confused Opinion piece on argument mapping 2005 approx 
Beyond the Mind Body Problem Book chapter. Similar to Monism, Dualism, Pluralism 2005 
Teaching Critical Thinking - Some Lessons from Cognitive Science Readable overview of the challenges of teaching critical thinking 2005 
Enhancing and Augmenting Human Reasoning Book chapter describing how software-supported argument mapping can improve reasoning skills and performance 2005 
Cultivating Expertise in Informal Reasoning Psychology journal article showing that deliberate practice using argument mapping can improve reasoning skills 2004 
Enhancing Deliberation Through Computer Supported Argument Mapping Book chapter; first substantial description of the Reason method and Reason!Able software 2002 
Argument Mapping with Reason!Able Good overview of Reason!Able 2002 
Reason! Project Studies, 1999-2002 Technical report presenting a mass of data concerning efficacy of the Reason Method 2002 
A 'Reason!Able' Approach to Critical Thinking Magazine piece explaining the relevance of one of my first argument mapping software packages for educators 2002 
Critical Thinking: Some Lessons Learned One page summary of some lessons from the Reason Project. 2001 
The Reason! Project Overview written for the magazine of the Australian Skeptics, after they awarded me a Eureka Prize. 2001 
How To Improve Critical Thinking Using Educational Technology Another conference paper presenting results from the Reason Project. 2001 
Learning to Reason: A Reason!-Able Approach Early research article showing good results from the Reason Project. Rare screenshot of the Reason 2 software. 2000 
Of all the bars, in all the world... Magazine article. Philosophical discussion our our prospects for extinction due to advanced physics experiments 2000 
Reason!: Improving Informal Reasoning Skills Another early conference paper from the Reason Project 2000 
Wooden Iron? Husserlian Phenomenology Meets Cognitive Science Conference paper turned into a book chapter. Relates Husserl's theories of "time consciousness" to dynamical models of cognition. A bit of a surprise hit in the "neurophenomenology" field. 2000 
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Desire's Hold over Reason Overview of confirmation bias. Magazine piece 1999 
Critical thinking in physiology: A Reason!-able approach The first publication to emerge from the Reason Project research. 1999 
Defending the Dynamical Hypothesis Book chapter 1999 
Dynamic approaches to cognition Encyclopedia entry; provides brief overview of the dynamical approach 1999 
Distributed versus Local Representation Encyclopedia entry; briefly conveys the concept of distributed representation 1999 
Penicillin for the Mind Early, readable "big picture" overview of the Reason! Project. 1998 
Computers and Computation in Cognitive Science Book chapter 1998 
Cognitive Architecture: What Choice Do We Have? Book chapter 1998 
The Roles of Philosophy in Cognitive Science Journal article. Overview of how philosophers contribute to cognitive science. Somewhat light-hearted. 1998 
Into the Deep Blue Yonder Philosophical magazine article discussing the rise of artificial intelligence, on the occasion of the famous chess match between Deep Blue and Kasparov.  1998 
Review of Clark, Being There Book Review 1998 
Monism, Dualism, Pluralism My solution to the mind-body problem 1998 
The Dynamical Hypothesis in Cognitive Science Major research article on dynamical approaches to the study of cognition 1998 
The Dynamical Alternative Book chapter. Adaptation of What Might Cognition Be, If Not Computation? 1997 
Author's Response: Review Symposium on Mind as Motion Response to four reviews of our edited volume Mind as Motion 1997 
Dynamics and Cognition An adapted version of What Might Cognition Be, If Not Computation? 1997 
Connectionism, Dynamics and the Philosophy of Mind Book chapter. Includes my prophesy that "Connectionism" would disappear in 1-2 decades as a field of academic research 1997 
What Might Cognition Be If Not Computation? Major paper published in the leading philosophy journal. "Manifesto" for the dynamical approach to cognition. 1995 
Modeling Connectionist and Otherwise Book chapter 1995 
Mind as Motion: Explorations in the Dynamics of Cognition A book I co-edited with Robert Port. It was the first major presentation of the dynamical approach to cognition. 1995 
Its About Time Introduction to Mind as Motion, the edited volume Bob Port and I put together. A comprehensive introduction to the dynamical approach. 1995 
Can connectionist models exhibit non-classical structure sensitivity? Conference paper presenting a connectionist model. 1994 
On Being Systematically Connectionist Journal article on an obscure issue in a debate that seemed very important back in the early 90s. 1994 
Classicalism and cognitive architecture Disputes claims that "classical" cognitive architectures explain the claimed "systematicity" of human cognition better than connectionist architectures. 1994 
Beyond Symbolic More on compositionality debate 1994 
Compositionality and Dynamics in Neural Network Representations Journal article - Semiotiques 1994 
Is Cognition Categorization? Explores, and rejects, the view (popular at the time) that all cognition is a form of categorization. 1993 
The Distinction Between Mind and Cognition Book chapter explaining why cognitive science is not in fact the science of the mind 1993 
Connectionism and the Mind Body Problem Journal article 1993 
Defining 'Distributed Representation' Journal article - key part of my PhD dissertation 1992 
Making Conceptual Space Book chapter. Extended commentary on a paper by Jeffrey Elman, Grammatical Structure and Distributed Representations 1992 
Gall, Flourens and the Concept of Distribution Unpublished manuscript 1991 
Classical Questions, Radical Answers Book chapter 1991 
Brave Neurocomputational World Review of a profound, exciting book by "neurophilosopher" Paul Churchland.  1991 
Credible Threats and Usable Weapons Why nuclear deterrence is very problematic. My first academic publication 1990 
Why Distributed Representation is Inherently Non-Symbolic Book chapter 1990 
Compositionality: A Connectionist Variation on a Classical Theme My first publication in cognitive science. Journal article on some obscure, subtle issues in knowledge representation. 1990 
Distributed Representation My PhD thesis. An attempt to describe, in the most general way, how knowledge is represented in the mind/brain. Couple of my best years sunk into this. 1989 
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