WinRazor SDK

WinRazor SDK is an advanced software development tools designed to create forms of any shapes in any IDE. First you create a WinRazor Skin File (*. wrs)  for each object using Skin Editor or Analyzer, then insert WinRazor ActiveX Control to your project and apply created skin files to any windowed objects.
WinRazor ActiveX Control was tested and works properly in the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (C#, VB.NET, C++) ,
 Borland C ++ Builder,
 Borland Delphi,
 Visual Studio 6 (VC6,VB6),
 Internet Explorer,
Microsoft Office macros.
Features list:

Applying irregular forms to any windowed objects (Form, PictureBox, Button, TextBox ...). 
Creating skins of any shapes by WinRazor Skin Editor.
Creating skins from images by Analyzer tool.
One binary skin file (*.wrs)  for any object (external region + holes).
Skins attachment at runtime.
Skins attachment at design time. In this case, the skins are embedded in the EXE file.
Direct skins downloading from the HTTP server.
Stretchable skins support.
The Remote Skin Adjustment tool quickly corrects skins positions on the form.
Internal Timer object.
Internal runtime PopUp Menu object.
Applying dithered colors for existing graphic objects (Form, Image, Button…)
Simulating keyboard and mouse events.
Retrieving the handle to any window by different methods.
WinRazor ActiveX Control works in any IDE and independent of any Dlls.

 Skin Editor
 ActiveX Control

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