Logic Builder SDK

VBA Runtime Demo

Logic Builder SDK - the universal state-engine with ANSI C core, for any programming language, IDE and platform.

Features list:

Event-driven state machine
Supported mode-types:   Exclusive, Concurrent, No default child.
Multiple trees.
Events with arguments.
Mode-trees info stored as binary or "C" file.
Data-driven multilingual code generator.
Excel toolbar (GUI).
Find & Replace tool with auto-backup.
Trace in Excel.
Advanced Win32 Graphics Library (primitives for Win32 simulations).
Add-In for Visual C++ 6 (GUI).
Add-In for Visual C# (GUI).
Currently supported programming languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, C#, support of any other language can be added shortly. Logic Builder uses the same
state-oriented model as RapidPlus IDE.

Download Logic Builder SDK for Windows

Download VBA Runtime Demo

Download System Model PDF file

Download Get Started PDF file - User Manual (Eng), VC6(MFC)