Book Maker for Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frame as Electronic Book - Step1: Grabbing PDF file

Using DPF Book Maker PC application, you can convert your books from PDF, RTF or TXT formats to images for reading them in the Digital Picture Frame device. (or DVD player + TV)

Features list:

Supports digital picture frames with any screen size, this parameter can be changed in the  application settings.
Input formats:  RTF, TXT Unicode, PDF.
Output formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF.
Customizable JPGs quality. (10-100%)
Multilingual support, including RightToLeft languages.
Anti-alias option.
Portrait and Landscape modes.
Customizable fonts, foreground and background colors, margins.

Digital Picture Frame as Electronic Book - Step2: Reading converted PDF

PDF grabber uses native Adobe ActiveX control. (Acrobat Reader version 9.X should be installed)
Help file includes step by step instructions.