Taxi companies in Mexico City
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Taxi companies in Mexico City


Like everything in Mexico City, the taxi business is huge, with some sources estimating the total number of registered taxis to be 80.000.

For taxis driving on the streets the company owning them is not so important, as long as you stick to the advice about not taking beetle taxis or taxis without license (without the 'L' or the 'S' at the beginning of the licenseplate).

If you want to phone a cab company to order a cab, it is important to know who to call. This section lists some of these Radio Taxi Companies. This list is not covering all the companies in Mexico City, but should give enough options to find a cab. The phone numbers that are given, include the area code.

  • Radio Taxi 153 | 56 74 61 20

  • Servitaxis 152 | 55 16 60 20 

  • Servicios Ejecutivos Taxi Mex | 91 71 88 88
  • Taxi Mexico | 55 55 88 75 77