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Cabs are generally cheap in Mexico City. However, there are of course many price differences:

  • The first price difference is between the types of taxis. The ones you call and the taxis at the stands (sitios) are more expensive than the ones you just hail at the street. Furthermore, better looking cabs are usually more expensive than th old shabby ones.
    The green beetles without the L license plates are the cheapest, but these are not considered very save.
  • At night, rates are higher, but after the metros close down around midnight, there are no other public transport options.
  • It is also important if a cab has a meter or not. Especially when you are a foreigner, cab drivers will try to let you pay more than necessary when there is no meter. With a meter, it is more difficult for the driver to get you into paying too much. However, be sure that a taxi driver with a meter uses the day tariff during the day, as the night tariff is higher.

To give an idea, some indicative prices are given with detailes about time and taxi type:

  • 10 minutes with a beetle-cab (not recommended) in the morning of a weekday: 14 Pesos (about $ 1.40)
  • 20 minutes with a 'good' cab, hailed on the street, from residential area to the city centre (Zocalo): 40 Pesos (about $ 4.00)
  • Half an hour with a good cab, from a standplace, after midnight on a Saturday: 90 pesos (about $ 9.00)
  • 1 hour with a good cab, ordered by phone, from a remote place in the South of the city, with three drop-off points for the different passengers: 200 pesos (about $ 20.00)

Attention: Prices for taxis that are arranged by hotels and restaurants are usually much more expensive, especially in upper class hotels with their own taxi services.