How to find a cab / taxi in Mexico City
Everything you'll ever want to know about public taxis in Mexico city, what to avoid, and what they look like

How to find a cab in Mexico City

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Basically, there are3 ways in which you can find a taxi:

  • Stopping a taxi on the street: Just stand at the curb, stick out your hand when you see a cab, and when it is free (libre) it will stop. Usually it will blink or sound its horn when it intents to pick you up. In Mexico city, most taxis are green with white. New taxis are white with a red band. In time, more and more taxis will be white with red, as more new taxis are introduced. At the moment however, the majority of Mexico City’s cabs are green with white. Be sure to also read the rest of the article on safety and cabs, because this specifically applies to cabs that one hails on the street.
  • Going to a taxi-stand. These are located on big streets, and usually some cabs with drivers will be present. Although these cabs are said to saver, taking a cab from a stand is also more expensive, and you will have to find a stand first. They usually have a cabin standing on the sidewalk, and some taxis waiting at the side of the street
  • Calling a cab. This means that you will have to have a phone number to call, a phone, and that you will have to wait a while till you cab arrives. This option is most attractive when you are in a restaurant or at your house, or some other place that is comfortable to wait in. Furthermore, this is considered to be the safest option, but also the most expensive.

Note that some big hotels have their own taxi service, as well as a number of clubs and disco’s. When you are prepared to pay a premium, this is a very comfortable option. Most hotels running taxi services will have a sign at the entrance stating the prices to some popular locations in the city.

Attention: From the national airport in Mexico City, special taxis can be used, tickets for which can be bought inside the main hall. Be sure to get a ticket for the right size of cab, as the sellers will try to sell you a ticket for a large van, which might be much to big for you.
These airport taxis are a much safer option than hailing a cab outside of the airport, especially when you have luggage with you.