Tim's Woodworking
Custom Woodworking Specializing in:
Storms, Screens, Lattice windows, Arched doors, Picture Frames,
Paneled Cabinets, Wood Doors, and Thermal Panes

Contact Information

Tim Diedrich
hm: 608-222-8702

cell: 608-332-2462


All work is done out of my shop in my basement. If you need directions to my house, please call.

Tim here. I have turned a hobby into a small business. I have been
woodworking as a hobby for about ten years. About 6 years ago a friend
asked me to make him a simple wood window frame to replace a
rotting one and that one turned into many more. 
I am now a small business owner on the east side of Madison. I specialize
in wood storm windows and wood screens. I have a large shop in my
basement. All work is custom made specifically for your house. 

    My work ranges from a single, square window frame for a family house to
redoing all the windows of a home. My clients have included individuals
and small businesses.

If you have question about my wood work or would like a tour of my shop,
please call.

The basic process for ordering a window

Call me. My contact info is to the left.
We can set up a time to meet and discuss the job.
I will complete your desired work and call you when it is ready.

Type of Wood Working I normally do
Basic storm and screen windows
Thermal panes
Lattice windows
Wooden doors
Arched windows and doors
Cabinet doors
Panel doors
Picture frames

In Addition I can supply ...
Window hardware

All work is custom so all prices are custom. The final price will depend on the size of window, the amount of detail work (arches cost more than squares), and the amount of additional work (such as paint and installation). 

Anything else
If you have any question about other services or a different type of product that you are looking for please call.

*Note that spring and autumn are my busiest times. Most windows are completed in about three weeks, but I can give you a better estimate when you call.


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