Paris High School Principal & Athletic Director


Completed Phase One of the Master Principal Training Program through the Arkansas Leadership Academy.

Developed a comprehensive plan to raise student achievement on the EOC Algebra (23% increase in Proficient/Advanced, 12% increase in Advanced), EOC Geometry (19% increase in Proficient/Advanced, 17% increase in Advanced), and 11th Literacy exams (13% increase in Proficient/Advanced).

Initiated Target Tuesday activities to improve proficiency on open-response questions.

Implemented periodic Ghost Testing to regularly evaluate student achievement.

Coordinated professional learning community activities (Instructional Strategy Investigations, Learning Walks, etc.).

Facilitated the adoption of Literacy Lab principles in grades 9-12 (we were the first high school in the state to do so).

Initiated a Student-of-the-Month/Year program to reward academic achievement and positive behavior.

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