Stuff I've Written

This page summarizes my publishing, writing, and game experience. I have 35+ years experience as a player and Game Master, primarily with (A)D&D, GURPS, BESM, Pathfinder, and LARP. (See Games I've Played for details on my familiarity with specific RPG systems.)

Publication Credits


3.5 Revisions and Proofreading
  • Death in Freeport, Green Ronin Publishing, June 2004. 
  • Terror in Freeport, Green Ronin Publishing, January 2005. 
  • Madness in Freeport, Green Ronin Publishing, May 2005. 
  • The Freeport Trilogy: Five-Year Anniversary Edition, Green Ronin Publishing, August 2005. 
  • Vengeance in Freeport (with Mark Gedak, Chris Pramas, and Robert J. Schwalb), Green Ronin Publishing, June 2005. 
  • True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Green Ronin Publishing, April 2006. 
  • Cults of Freeport, Green Ronin Publishing, November 2007. 
  • d20 Freeport Companion, Green Ronin Publishing, March 2008. 
  • Freeport Bestiary (with Gwen Baker and Lj Stephens), Green Ronin Publishing, May 2017. 
Official Errata

Other Game-Related Employment

Concept Artist
  • Beyond Madness & Genius, Ltd. (March-September 2011): Produced concept art for Point of Descent, an indie Xbox Live game. (Samples at my Deviant Art account.)

Unpaid Projects

Amateur Press
  • Contributor to Interregnum APA (#17-30; 1995-1999). 
Personal Blog
Selected Tabletop RPG Campaigns
  • Broadway’s on the Rocks…Shaken, Not Stirred (with Kate Thornton, Anne Cross, and Erika Little, 1997): Broadway musicals collide. 
  • Miskatonic Regional Elementary School (with Kristina White and Jim White, 1998): A day in the life of a very strange 3rd grade class. 
  • A Beginner’s Guide to LARP (2001):
  • Broadway’s on the Rocks…With a Twist (with Anne Cross and Erika Emrick, 2002): Highly revised second run. 
Other Online Materials