Epyllion is a tabletop RPG published by Magpie Games, based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system. See http://www.magpiegames.com/epyllion/ for more information, including downloadable materials.

Table of Contents (p. 5)
Chapter numbers are given as numerals here, but spelled out at the beginning of each chapter.

Chapter Zero: Introduction (p. 6)

pp. 8-9, What You Need to Play: 
    Playbooks: Chapter Two (p. 36) details how to choose and use a playbook, and the text unique to each archetype can be found in the Appendix (p. 146), but the rulebook does not include complete playbooks. You will need to download them from the Magpie Games website (URL on p. 9, and above).
    Map: A digital form of the map is not yet available at the Epyllion website (as of December 2016). Until then, copy and enlarge the blank map on p. 11.
    Add the following new item to this list:
  • DM Worksheet--Gives spaces for notes on the clutch; lists for creating Non-player Dragons; and quick reference for DM Moves, Hazards, and the game's principles. (Availiable in digital form.)
Chapter One: Dragonia (p. 10)
No notes.

Chapter Two: Creating Characters (p. 36)
No notes.

Chapter Three: Playing the Game (p. 43)

p. 76, Elder Dragon: In the first sentence, "is as mightier" should be "is mightier".

Chapter Four: The Dragonmaster (p. 78)

p. 84, Be a fan of the players' characters: Change "predicable" to "predictable".

p. 97, Beneath the Scales: The illustration shows the front and back of a playbook, but not the inside (stats, house, virtue, shadow track, and moves).

pp. 112-128, A Long-Toothed Example: In the next to last paragraph on p. 128, "as speaks" should be "as she speaks".

Chapter Five: Hazards (p. 129)

p. 136, Hazard Cast: In the second paragraph, "page 97" should be "page 95".

p. 137, Countdown Moons: The ring of moons graphic does not match the phases used here: new moon is a black circle, half moon a circle with the left half black, pregnant (gibbous) a circle with a black crescent and 3/4 white, and full moon a white circle. The countdown omits the waning half of the real-world moon cycle, so the graphic should as well.

Afterword (p. 144)
No notes.

Mediography (p. 145)
Under Games, "Apocalpyse World" should be "Apocalypse World".

Appendix: The Playbooks (p. 146)
No notes.