Games I've Played

    This page is an attempt to list the various RPGs that I've played, run, and/or written about in my 35+ years as a gamer. Games are listed in alphabetical order, then broken down by edition where relevant.
    For entries that list "Errata," a link is given to the Tim's Errata Archive page for that system. 
    For entries that list "Studded Plate" (my weekly RPG blog), a link is given to the relevant tag to see those posts.

Adventure Game Engine
    Blue RoseErrata.
    Dragon AgeErrata.
    Fantasy AGE: GM, November-December 2017; ErrataStudded Plate.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM)
    Second Edition: GM, July-September 2002.
    Third Edition: GM, July 2007-present (fantasy); Studded Plate.

Call of Cthulhu
    Call of Cthulhu d20: Errata.

    Serenity: Player, January-August 2008, May-July 2009.
    Supernatural: Player, June-December 2011.

D20 Modern
    GM, April 2003; Errata.

Dungeons & Dragons
    Basic & Expert D&D: DM & player, 1984-circa 1987.
    Advanced D&D, 1st ed.: DM & player, circa 1987-1989.
    Advanced D&D, 2nd ed.: Player, 1989-1993, Summer 1998-February 2000; DM, 1989-1992, June-July 1998, January 2000, August-September 2000.
    D&D, v. 3.0/3.5: Player, Fall 2000, June 2001-June 2005, January-March 2007, August 2011; DM, December 2000-May 2002, July-September 2003, July 2004-June 2005, September 2009-November 2010, September 2011-July 2013; Errata [Freeport, Other GR, D&D]; and see Stuff I've Written.
    D&D, 4th ed.: Player, August-October 2009, June-December 2010; Errata [Freeport, D&D].
    D&D, 5th ed.: Player, November 2014-February 2015, July 2015; DM, February-August 2016, May 2017-present; Errata [Other GR]; Studded Plate.

    First Edition: Player, Winter 1997, Summer 2001.
    Second Edition: Player, Summer 2004.
    Third Edition: Player, March 2011-March 2013, November 2013-August 2014.


Faery's Tale

    Fate Accelerated: Player, January-August 2016 (Do: Fate of the Flying Temple).
    Fate FreeportErrata [Freeport].

Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS)
    Third Edition/Third Edition Revised: Player, Summer 1991 (space), 1994-1997 (fantasy); GM, 1995 (Cthulhu), May 1997-August 1998 (Cthulhu), November 1998-February 2002 (fantasy); and see Stuff I've Written.
    Fourth Edition: see Stuff I've Written.

Hero System
    Fifth Edition Revised: Player, March-September 2011 (supers).

Mike's Mighty Role-Playing System
    [Mike Pureka's home-brew]: Player, February 2000-June 2002, September 2003-February 2004.

    Player, June-July 2014, July 2015-December 2016; GM, August 2013-present; Pathfinder Society player, August 2016-present; Pathfinder Society GM, February 2018-present; Errata; Studded Plate; and see Stuff I've Written.

     Player, September 2017.
    Rules to Live By: Player, 1996-1997; scenario co-author and co-GM, 1997 and 2002.

7th Sea
    Player, December 2007-January 2008.

Spaceship Zero

     Player, August 2017.

True20 System
    Blue Rose: GM, November 2005; Errata.
    True20 Adventure Roleplaying: GM, September 2006, September 2007; Errata; and see Stuff I've Written.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: Player, October 2005-April 2009; guest GM, March-August 2007; PBP, June 2012-March 2014.

World of Darkness
    Changeling: The Dreaming: Player, August 1999-March 2000.
    Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Player, November 2009-June 2010.

Plus brief experiences with...
    Player: Dangerous Journeys: Mythus, Legend of the Five Rings, Little Fears, Marvel Superheroes, Paranoia, Spirit of the Century, Toon, Unknown Armies.
    GM: Star Frontiers, Tunnels & Trolls.
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