Ronin Round Table (Freeport)

Ronin Round Table is a series of short articles posted to the Green Ronin News feed on the GR website. Links are given below for installments with Freeport content (all are for Pathfinder). All were authored by Green Ronin's Pathlinder line developer, Owen K.C. Stephens, except as noted.

(December 7, 2015)

No errata.

(March 7, 2016)

No errata.
(May 2, 2016)

No errata. See Pathfinder Freeport Iconics for an index of her appearances.

See Heroes of Freeport: Janica Flamefist on my Studded Plate blog for a suggested 1st-level stat block for this azhari monster slayer.

(May 23, 2016, Nicole Lindroos)

This blog entry includes a fan-made sample issue of The Shipping News.

(June 13, 2016)

The tags for this article should include "Freeport," "Pathfinder," and "Ronin Round Table", as did Janica.

No errata for the article's main text. See Pathfinder Freeport Iconics for an index of his appearances.

Tovarik seems to be more experienced than a 1st-level character, so I have not yet attempted a stat block for him.

(September 6, 2016)

In the title, "Roundtable" should be "Round Table".

The tags for this article should include "Freeport," "Pathfinder," and "Ronin Round Table", as did Janica.

The character depicted in the illustration is Mad Pete Willowbrook, one of the pregenerated characters from True20 Freeport: The Lost Island; he appears on the cover of that book. Note that unlike Janica and Tavarik, Redjak is never named or quoted in Freeport: The City of Adventure. (See Pathfinder Freeport Iconics for an index of his appearances.)

In the fifth paragraph of the main text (not counting the introductory "Heroes of Freeport" blurb), "He work" should be "He woke".

In the sixth paragraph, "back ally" should be "back alley". Insert "the" after "The club was". Change "and armory" to "an armory".

In the eighth paragraph, "even for a Halfling" should be "even for a halfling".

In the next to last paragraph, "benefitted" should be "benefited".

In the last paragraph, "Redjak has" should be "Redjak had".

(November 14, 2016)

Part I covers creature types from aberrations to humanoids; Part II will cover the rest. 

No errata, just a few comments:

Fey: Because the Serpent's Teeth were originally dominated by Yig and the serpent people, fey native to the region tend to be reptilian in nature as well. However, the devil lizard and spirit lizard from Creatures of Freeport have not yet been converted to Pathfinder, and few if any fey from Bestiaries 1-5 fit the scaly theme. On the other hand, nereids and similar aquatic fey can be found in the seas near Freeport, and other fey can reach the city via ship or planar travel. 
    [Update 2/20/2017: The upcoming Freeport Bestiary will include Pathfinder rules for the devil lizard and spirit lizard, plus a couple of brand-new fey creatures from the World of Freeport.]

(November 20, 2016)

No errata.

(February 20, 2017, Evan Sass)

Tactics: In the second paragraph, "diving" should be "giving". 

(May 22, 2017)

Italicize all book titles. Change all instances of "npc" to "NPC".

Occult Adventures: Capitalize "ivory".
    The World of Freeport already includes a far-off land with widespread psychic magic: Naranjan, the setting of the Mindshadows sourcebook for v.3.0 (part of the Mythic Vistas line). 
    See Occult Rituals for Freeport on my "Studded Plate" blog about using those rules with Freeport.

Pathfinder Unchained: Change "the,." to "them."

Ultimate Intrigue: In the second paragraph, "tacking" should be "tracking". 

Everything Else: "The fact" should be "In fact".

(August 28, 2017)

No errata.