Part Three: Storming the Razor Caves

Return to Freeport Part Three: Storming the Razor Caves was shared with backers of the Freeport: The City of Adventure Kickstarter in December 2016, and released for public sale soon after through the Green Ronin Online Store.

[Introduction (p. 1)]
Part Three is much more consistent than Parts One and Two were about giving references for material taken from sources other than the Core Rulebook and Freeport: The City of Adventure. All such material can also be found on the Pathfinder SRD, which is available at both or A summary of these new "crunchy bits" and their sources is given at the end of this page.

Part I: Obscure Headings and Dark Passage (p. 2)
In the fourth paragraph, "forebearers" should be "forebears".

pp. 3-6, Event B: Captain Flynx: Under Development, insert a colon after "Development". Change "temporary hit points of damage" to "points of nonlethal damage". In the second paragraph, insert a comma after "responds".

p. 5, Impound: "Serling" should be "Serlin". Capitalize "sea lord's guards" and "Freeport guard". Change "p. 344" to "p. 342".

Part II: A Precocious Imp in Midnight's Ichor (p. 6)
p. 10, Klinx Thickskull: Under Skills, "Racial Modifiers" should be bold.

pp. 12-14, Event D5. Reckoning: This event does not state how many Ameer monks and warriors accompany the commander. The CR is listed as "CR 8 or CR 10", and the commander is CR 6, so the underlings must total CR 6 to reach the final CR of 8. The Ameers from Event D2 are CR 7; this can be reduced to CR 6 by subtracting one warrior. This gives a final tally of the commander, two monks, and two warriors, for CR 8.
    Adding the five Ameers from Event D2 (CR 7) raises the CR to 9, not 10. If both D2 and D5 have three warriors, then the CR for D5 would be "CR 9 or CR 10".

p. 13, Ameer Commander: Under Spellbook, insert em-dashes after "0", "1st", "2nd", and "3rd".

Part III: The Razor Caves (p. 15)
p. 15, What the hell is he Doing?: Capitalize "hell" and "he" in the sidebar header.

pp. 15, 17, Area 1. Back Door: In the first non-italics paragraph, "startes" should be "starts".

p. 17, Aghash: Under Before Combat, the first "dorus" should be "doru"; there is only one watching the path to the back door.
    Under Gear, insert "a" before "brooch of shielding".

pp. 17-18, Area 3. Rear Barracks: Under Creatures, the "F'" in "Freeport"  in the Mazin Mage line should also be italicized.

p. 18, Mazin Mage: Under Morale, "arcane focus" should be "bonded object" (his ring of protection).

p. 18, Mazin Monk: Under During Combat, italicize "bull's strength".

p. 19, Chained Slaves: Under Melee, "1d4" should be "(1d4)".

p. 19, Mazin Master: Insert "Female" before "Suli". 
    Under Skills, "Racial Modifiers" should be bold.

p. 20, Area 6. The Eth Abaddon: In the first paragraph, insert "is" after "some of which". Change "The elemental is piece of jade" to "The elemental heart is a piece of jade".
    Under Creatures, "boson" should be "bosun".

p. 21, Bosun Gelgooth: Under During Combat, "using" should be "uses".
    Under Morale, insert "he" after "group,".

p. 21, Ameer Warriors: Under During Combat, "Ameer master" means the "Mazin master" in Area 5.

p. 21, Ameer Priest: Insert "Male" before "Suli".
    Under During Combat, italicize "shield of faith".

p. 22, Ameer Warriors: Under During Combat, "Ameer master" means the "Mazin master" in Area 5. However, it makes more sense for these warriors to reinforce the priest at Area 8 (immediately outside their own door) or to warn and reinforce Yusynaat at Area 12.

p. 22, Anada Mieth: Under Melee, "1d4 nonlethal" should be "(1d3 nonlethal)".

p. 22, Area 11. Antechamber: In the italic text, "worman" should be "woman".

p. 22, Area 12. Yusynaat's Apartment: Under Development, "navel" should be "naval".

Conclusion (p. 23)
No notes.

License (p. 24)
No notes.

Credits (p. 25)
No notes.

Tim's Appendix: Summary of Content Sources
This list summarizes the non-core content in this adventure, arranging them alphabetically by source. The numerals in brackets [I, II, III] identify in which parts of the adventure that content appears. 

Advanced Class Guide: Classes: slayer [II], warpriest [III].

Advanced Player's Guide: Rogue talents [III]: assault leader, distracting attack.

Bestiary 2: draugr [II].

Bestiary 3: div (aghash, doru, pairaka) [III], derhii [III], hungry fog [II], suli* [II-III].
    * Full information on suli can also be found in the Advanced Race Guide.

NPC Codex: Bullying Brawler [II-III], Cutpurse [III], Guild Initiate [I], Murderous Halfling [I].

Pathfinder Unchained: Classes: unchained rogue [III].

Ultimate Combat: Archetypes: unbreakable (fighter) [II-III].
    Equipment: lamellar armor [II-III].
    Feats: Escape Route [II], Whip Mastery [III].

Ultimate MagicFeats: Antagonize [III].
    Spells: dread bolt [III].