Witch Patrons of Freeport

p. 1, [introduction]: In the fiourth paragraph, "10m" should be "10".

p. 2, Pale Servant: In the second paragraph, "monster summoning one" should be "monster summoning I". Italicize the names of all spells.

pp. 2-3, Unnatural Light: In the second sentence, "level" should be "levels". 

p. 3, King on Yellow: In the first paragraph, "Yig lead" should be "Unspeakable One led". 
    In the second paragraph, "Certainly member" should be "Certainly members".
    In the third paragraph, "options" should be "optional".

p. 3, King in Yellow Patron Spells: The bonus spell gained at 16th level is missing.

pp. 3-4, King in Yellow Hexes: "Eternal Night" should be "Unspeakable One".

pp. 4-5, Thodomer Windgrass: In the first paragraph, "forms the kingdom" should be "formed the kingdom".
    In the last sentence before the patron spells paragraph, "their restore the nations" should be "that they restore the nation's".

p. 5, Thodomer Windgrass Hexes: In the second paragraph, "fel" should be "fell".

p. 5, Denial: In the first sentence, "strike an damage" should be "have struck and damaged".

p. 6, Yig Hexes: No skill is given for recognizing Yig's unique hexes, as was given for the other patrons. Use the same skill check as the King in Yellow (p. 4).

p. 6, Dream Speech: In the third sentence, the comma should be a semi-colon (;).

p. 6, Major Hexes: Change "can a minor" to "gain the".

p. 8, Credits: The "KC" in "Owen KC Stephens" should be "K.C.", to match the Licence entry and the list of Green Ronin Staff.