Cavalier Orders of Freeport

pp. 1-2, Order of Censure: Under Skills, insert "(Int)" after "Spellcraft". 
    Under Order Abilities, Ghost Slayer is gained at 2nd level.

pp. 2-3, Order of the Gate: In the third paragraph, "Renmark" should be "Reinmark".
    Under Skills, insert "(Int)" after "Knowledge (geography)" and after "Knowledge (nobility)".

pp. 3-4, Order of the Efreet: In the first paragraph, "Sultinate of Azhar" should be "Sultanate of Kizmir", and "kobold tries" should be "kobold tribes".
    Under Challenge, "treaded" should be "treated".
    Under Skills, insert "(Int)" after "Knowledge (planes)".

pp. 4-5, Order of the Moon: In the last sentence of the first paragraph, "settle" should be "settled". 
    In the second paragraph, "almost lead to the kingsdom's" should be "almost led to the kingdom's". "Merovich" should "Merovech".
    Under Skills, insert "(Wis)" after "Survival" in the first sentence. Capitalize "survival" in the second sentence. 
    Under Order Abilities, delete the space before the period at the end of the Moonlit entry.

pp. 5-6, Order of Saints: In the first paragraph on p. 6, "Tagamatan" should be "Tagmatan". In the second paragraph, "belongs" should be "belongings".
    Under Skills, insert "(Int)" after "Knowledge (arcana)" and after "Knowledge (religion)".

p. 8, Credits: The "KC" in "Owen KC Stephens" should be "K.C.", to match the Licence entry and the list of Green Ronin Staff.