Pathfinder Freeport Iconics

The release of the Pathfinder edition of Freeport: The City of Adventure saw the introduction of new iconic characters for the setting's new classes and archetypes. This page presents an index of these characters, giving the locations of their likenesses and personal history. 

* = This illustration is the definitive portrait for this iconic character.
HOF = "Heroes of Freeport" (Ronin Round Table)
RTF#: # = Return to Freeport Part #: page #
[=X #] = illustration is reprinted from X, page #


Cultist (not yet named, ratfolk): FCoA 387*, 456[?].

Freebooter (Bloody Lucille, human): FCoA cover*, 4*,  86, 365*, 430[?], 497, 539, back cover; RTF1: cover (twice) [=FCoA cover*, 365*], 3, 29; RTF2: cover [=FCoA cover*], 20; RTF3: cover [=FCoA cover*], 23.

Monster Slayer (Janica Flamefist, azhari): FCoA 333, 372*, 462, 524; HOF: Janica Flamefist [=FCoA 372*]RTF1: 21; RTF2: cover [=FCoA 372*], 31.

Noble (not yet named, elf or half-elf): FCoA 383*; RTF1: 6; RTF2: 3, 20; RTF3: cover [=FCoA 383*], 14.

Rogue** (Redjak, halfling): FCoA 351; HOF: Redjak [=RTF2: 14]; RTF1: 21; RTF2: 14.

[** It is uncertain whether Redjak is intended to represent a new Freeport class or archetype, though he is clearly a rogue. See the Ronin Round Table errata page about possible confusion with Mad Pete Willowbrook from True20 Freeport: The Lost Island.]


Musketeer (Corbus the Valiant, elf or half-elf): FCoA 395*, 423, 520.

Survivor (Jess Blueboots, half-orc or orc): FCoA 397*RTF1: 19; RTF2: 8.

Witch Hunter (Tovarik Gertersen, human): FCoA 399*; HOF: Tovarik Gertersen [=FCoA 399]; RTF1: 6; RTF2: 8.

Not Yet Identified

[second monster slayer?, human]: FCoA 376[*].

[dwarf cleric or warpriest?]: FCoA cover, 4RTF1: cover [=FCoA cover], 19; RTF2: cover [=FCA cover], 31[?]; RTF3: cover [=FCoA cover], 7.

[human sorcerer or wizard?]: FCoA 159; RTF1: 3, 29; RTF2: 3; RTF3: 4.

Older Iconics
Some of the iconic characters from Freeport adventures for other rules sets also appear in artwork for Pathfinder products in this setting. 

Freeport Trilogy  
[Pathfinder conversions of these four pregenerated characters from The Freeport Trilogy can be found at my "Studded Plate" blog here.]

Alaina (human rogue): FCoA 23.

Malevir (half-elf sorcerer): FCoA 23, 428, 500.

Rollo (gnome fighter): FCoA 456[?], 493[?], 536. [Note that FCoA shows Rollo with a warhammer instead of his signature gnome hooked hammer.]

Thorgrim (dwarf cleric): ---

True20 Freeport: The Lost Island

Grimwade Steele (dwarf warrior): FCoA 351 [=Lost Island cover*], 493[?].

Mad Pete Willowbrook: FCoA 351 [=Lost Island cover*]. [See the Ronin Round Table errata page about possible confusion with Redjak.]

Molly Quickblade (elf adept/warrior): FCoA 351 [=Lost Island cover*].

Spiridon the Wanderer: FCoA 351 [=Lost Island cover*].