Madness in Freeport

NOTE: This page reflects additional notes compiled during my 3.5 revision of Madness (which was released as a PDF by Green Ronin, and later printed as part of the Freeport Trilogy: 5-Year Anniversary Edition). All notes given here refer to the original D&D 3.0 module.

p. 2, Encounter Levels: Due to the nature of the challenges in Part 3, the party needs one or more magic weapons, and a cleric with a good turning modifier, or they will be at a serious disadvantage.

pp. 2-3, What Has Gone Before: The next to last paragraph on p. 3 should state that the false Egil was a Yellow Sign cultist, not a serpent person. (This is a holdover from an early draft of Terror in Freeport.)

p. 5, Secrets of Freeport: The title has been changed to Freeport: The City of Adventure; the release date was April 2002. (This title has been abbreviated "F:CoA" in the new errata given here.)

Part One: The Great Lighthouse Ball
p. 9, Arriving at the Ball: The paragraph between the two shaded boxes should also be shaded.
    The module does not address the issue of whether the PCs will be allowed to attend the ball armed. However, given that several NPCs wear armor and weapons, Gwendolyn's quote (p. 17) refers to a weapon, and "Drac's Gambit" (p. 11), I would infer that the PCs should be allowed to carry arms and armor--*within reason*. The gate guards should politely but firmly take custody of the more obviously dangerous items--two-handed weapons (except perhaps staves), obvious projectile weapons, etc.--for the duration of the party's visit. (See note on p. 13 about Brock.)

p. 11, The Serpent Speaks: Note K'Stallo's reaction to the prophecy (p. 12).

pp. 11-19, Important Guests at the Ball: Note that only the Captain's Council are given portraits.

p. 12, The Purpose of the Lighthouse Revealed!: In the last paragraph, "site" should be "sight".

p. 13, Brock Wallace: Like Thuron, Brock's race should be "Serpent person (disguised as human)." Brock is wearing two daggers (+3 melee, Dmg 1d4), but no armor (AC 14) or other weapons. For the final battle of Part Four (p. 39), he will carry the gear listed in his stats (pp. 44-45).

pp. 13, 14, 19, portraits: Note that only Council members are depicted. Portraits of other featured NPCs would be useful, too.

p. 14, portraits: Garth Varellion's name is misspelled. ("Gareth" is the old sea dog in Part Two.)

p. 14, Melkor Maeorgan: Maeorgan is wearing his breastplate and dagger, but no shield (AC 20) or throwing dagger. For the final battle of Part Four (p. 39), he will carry the gear listed in his stats (p. 43).

pp. 15-16, Dirwin "Nimblefingers" Arnig: Age 275 is Venerable, but his stats are too good for that age. Drop his age to 175 (old).

p. 19, Captain Lydon: For more on Swagfest, see "Focus on Freeport #5: Holiday in the Sun." Lydon appears there with significantly different (though rather abbreviated) stats.

Part Two: Black Dog's Caves
p. 21, Finding the Entrance: Tides occur at intervals of roughly 12.5 hours. If we arbitrarily assume an hour each way for the boat trip to the cave, then the times for low tides should be adjusted to 4:00 AM, 4:30 PM and 5:00 AM in order to get the PCs back to Freeport at dawn (6:00 AM) on the day of the christening (p. 35). [Alternately, keep the first low tide at 7:00 AM, change the next two to 7:30 PM and 8:00 AM, and change the description on p. 35 to match a mid-morning (9 AM) return.]

p. 22, The Saber of Sorrow: Per author William Simoni's forum post 6/6/2001, the Saber has the following additional stats: "Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be 8th level and of evil alignment; Market Price: 6,000 gp." 
    In addition, the weapon stats for sabers are not given here or in the PHB; per F:CoA Official Errata, sabers use scimitar stats.

p. 22, Area #4, Illusion Trap: The lightning bolt spell does not rebound in 3E; ignore the sentence about bouncing.

pp. 22-24, Area #6, Deadly Spikes: CR for traps is +1 per 2d6 damage it deals (DMG, p. 167). Therefore, 3d8 is closest to CR 2. However, rather than giving XP for several CR 2 traps, the GM may wish to give a single award for the listed CR 4. The actual EL is 9 (for 11x CR 2 traps).

pp. 24-25, Area #8, Black Dog’s Treasure: Replace the clairaudience/clairvoyance potion in Chest 5; this spell cannot be made into a potion. (Suggestion: tongues.) Chest 6 contains a saber (see note for Saber of Sorrow, p. 22) and a water breathing scroll (is this an arcane or divine scroll?).

p. 25, Area #12, The Serpent Portal: No Fortitude save is given for this trap, but the listed poison usually allows one--an it's vastly easier than the DC 20 Will and Reflex saves given for the pain and venom stream.

Part Three: The Sunken Temple Of Yig
p. 27, Area #3, The High Altar of Yig: Note that Alisstar does not know the location of each item he needs, only that they are within the temple. (Hence the need to parley with other serpents for clues.) Alisstar is obviously meant to be an exceptional shadow serpent [30 hp exceeds 3d8!], but his stats are not given in the Appendix. I've used the monster advancement rules (MM, pp. 12-13) and Vrosh's example to generate the following stats: CR 4; HD 5d8; hp 30; Atk +4 melee; SQ +6 turn resistance; SV Will +6; Listen +9, Spot +9; otherwise as normal shadow serpent (pp. 45-46). [See also the notes for those pages under New Creatures.]

p. 29, Area #8, Infirmary: The priests here may be incapacitated, but are still incorporeal (50% chance for physical attacks to miss) and undead (and thus immune to coup-de-grace, which requires a Fort save). If a cleric tries to destroy them with a turning attempt, treat them as 1 HD with no turn resistance due to their weakened state. These priests are worth no XP unless the DM wishes to give a small story award for doing a good deed (say, 50-100 XP per serpent).

p. 29, Area #10, Scroll Room: Note that the scroll is found in a temple, so should be a divine spell.

p. 30, map: Based on the 20' ceilings (p. 26) and the description of Area #13 (p. 31), the map scale should be 10' per square, not 5'. (However, the pit at Area #21, p. 33, described as 20' diameter, matches the stated scale.)
    The directions of the stairs and the placement of their openings is a little confusing. The DM should read Part Three carefully, and pencil in walls and openings before play begins, in order to keep it all straight during play.
    The altar symbol in Area #1 (p. 26) should actually be the door from Black Dog's Caves, Area #12 (p. 25). The statue in Area #2 (pp. 26-27) is not marked on the map. There is no altar mentioned in the description of Area #11 (pp. 29, 31). There is an altar in front of the statue in Area #14 (p. 32).

p. 31, Areas #12 and 12a: A "Sseth" is named in "The Legend of Niaggo" in "Focus on Freeport #7: The Jade Serpent of Yig" (p. 2).

p. 31, Area #12a, Sseth's Prison: Sseth is a normal shadow serpent (19 hp), but will flee combat and only fight if cornered (difficult for an incorporeal creature!). EL is 3 (Sseth's CR).

p. 31, Area #13, The High Priest's Chamber: EL is 4 (the snake's CR). Freedom of movement cannot be made into a potion; replace it with a 3rd-level spell (or perhaps two lesser restoration potions, given the ability damage dished out in this dungeon).

p. 32, Area #15, The High Priest's Servants: Hit points for Arness and Hursst are omitted. Roll them up, or give them average hp (19, 19). EL is 5 (two CR 3 monsters).

p. 32, Area #16, Chamber of the Sacrifices: EL is 6. Halflings and gnomes are mentioned, so the DM may wish to make a few of these zombies Small rather than Medium: CR 1/4; HD 1d12+3; hp 9 (average); AC 11 (+1 size, -1 Dex, +1 natural); Atk +1 melee (1d4, slam); SV Will +3; Str 11; otherwise as Medium-sized Zombie (p. 42).

pp. 32-33, Area #17, The Hatchery: If the PCs save the intact egg, see "Hatching the Egg" in "Focus on Freeport #7: The Jade Serpent of Yig" (p. 3) for adventure hook ideas. Note that this egg was meant to become a priest of Yig. As such a cleric himself, K'Stallo would be eager to help the hatchling achieve that destiny.

p. 33, Area #18, Yet Another Statue of Yig: This statue is illustrated in Tales of Freeport (p. 23). The Spot check should be a Search check.

p. 33, Area #19, Waiting Room: No value is given for the jade serpent replica. Per Tales of Freeport (p. 23), the nonmagical jade serpent would be worth 5,000 gp to a collector.

p. 33, Area #20, Exit?: These doors become the new entrance in "The Soul of the Serpent" (Tales of Freeport, pp. 5-40).

p. 33, Area #21, The Pit of the Great Serpent: The depth of the pit is not given. I would assume that it is deep enough that the snake cannot easily leave it, but shallow enough to let it attack PCs near the top of the pit walls. A Huge creature is 16'-32' long, so 10' deep sounds about right.

p. 33, Receiving the Jade Serpent: If you wish to run the adventure "The Soul of the Serpent" (Tales of Freeport, pp. 5-40), the temple only partially collapses--enough to endanger any PCs who linger here, but not enough to destroy the building. The entrance from Black Dog's Caves is rendered impassible.

Part Four: Milton's Folly
Change distances in the shaded text on pp. 35-39 to match the maps inside the covers. Leave ceiling heights as given. Summary: pp. 35-36, Area #2: 110' on a side [145' is the exterior dimension]; p. 36, #3: 30' x 90'; pp. 36-37: #4 & #5: 45' square, columns 10' apart; pp. 37-38, #6: 10' x 10' room, 10' wide hallway; p. 38, #7: 65' square, pillars 20' apart; p. 39, #9: 40' square.

p. 35, opening text: See note for p. 21 about timing.

p. 35, Area #1, The Great Doors: The description of the doors (5' wide, 10' high) doesn't match the text earlier on the page, or the map. Assume that each door is 10' wide, 15' high.

p. 36, Area #3, The Temple of the Sea God: EL is 6. The correct hp for the acolytes is 10, 8, 9, 10, per their stat block on p. 41.

pp. 36-37, Area #4, The Shrine of the Warrior God: The secret door to room 6 can be found on a successful Search check (DC 20) (cf. room 5).

p. 37, Area #5, The Water Shrine of the Sea God: Add thieves' tools to the corpse's gear.

p. 38, Area #7, Lair of the Gibbering Mouther: The trail should start from the other end of the stairs (towards the center of the room).

pp. 38-39, Area #8 & #9 (and map, inside back cover): The stairs start near the trapdoor from #7, and continue clockwise up to a door to #9.

pp. 38-39, Area #8, The Tower Steps: EL is 8 for N'tal and bodyguards, or 10 including Drac. However, Drac has pressing business upstairs and will not linger here.

p. 39, Area #9, The Yellow Sign: EL 10 for Drac, Maeorgan, and Gorn. Ignore the stairs shown on the map; they don't exist. Drac and his minions will attempt to destroy the Jade Serpent, but lack the means to do so (see "Focus on Freeport #7," p. 3).
    The "Creatures" entry with hp and spells has been omitted. See pp. 42 (Drac), 43 (Maeorgan) and 44-45 (Gorn/Wallace).

p. 40, Aftermath: See the note to sidebar on p. 5 about "Secrets of Freeport." No value is given for the lighthouse crystal, in case the PCs remove it from the lighthouse. (I allowed my players to get 1,000 gp for it, but it is likely worth more.)

p. 40, Adventure Hooks: Valossa Reborn: See note to p. 33 (Receiving the Jade Serpent) about the temple's survival.

p. 40, Adventure Hooks: The Jade Serpent: See "Focus on Freeport #7: The Jade Serpent of Yig."

Appendix 1: Statistics
Note that NPC classes gain feats just as PC classes do. Per the DMG, p. 36, these feats are usually "Endurance, Skill Focus, Track, and other non-combat related abilities." Most of the characters with NPC classes (and some of those with PC classes) that appear in MiF are short one or more (often all) of the feats they should have for their level.
      Specifics are given below ("CL" is shorthand for "character level"). DMs who use these NPCs for more than a passing encounter at the ball should choose appropriate feats, modify their abilities appropriately, and give them equipment appropriate to their level. [Note: I have not checked skill points for the NPCs, so I don't know how many (if any) of those with missing feats already have a +2 here and there from Skill Focuses.]
    See F:CoA, pp. 25-26, for more complete stats for many of these NPCs.
    See the Serpent People page for detailed notes on that race. All serpent people NPCs in Madness in Freeport are civilized.
    Per the DMG, p. 167: CR = CL for PC classes, CL-1 for NPC classes.

pp. 41-42, Creatures: Per Defenders of the Faith, gold holy symbols are worth 50 gp.

p. 41, Brotherhood Cultist Acolyte: HD 1d8+2; shorten Knowledge skills to simply "arcana" and "religion". Prepared spells should be (3/3); the list gives the correct number of spells. Choose either cause fear or protection from law to be the domain spell. (The choice only really affects spontaneous casting.)

p. 41, Brotherhood Cultist Guard: HD 3d10+9.

p. 41, Priest of the Unspeakable One: AC is 16 (hide armor gives +3). Shorten Knowledge skills to simply "arcana" and "religion".

p. 41, Sea Lord Guard: HD 2d10+4; hp 24 (elite); light crossbow 1d8. Should have 15 skill points, but including armor check penalties and cross-class skills, only has 13.

p. 41, Serpent People (N'Tal's Bodyguard), Civilized: Ftr2 gives CR 2, HD 2d10-2, SV Fort +2, Ref +0, Wis +0. It's unclear whether the armor check penalty for chainmail has been included in the stats; the listed Climb and Jump bonuses are less than the Str modifier, but Ftr2 (15 skill points with Int 13) cannot buy enough ranks of Escape Artist and Hide (both cross-class) to offset that penalty. I would suggest dropping the latter two skills, and raising the other three to the maximum of 5 ranks (2.5 for Spot); the new modifiers would then be: Climb +2, Jump +2, Spot +5. See the Serpent People page for detailed notes on this race.

p. 42, Dirwin "Nimblefingers" Arnig: Fort +5. He should have 78 skill points, but only has 70. Diplomacy should be +16 (including two synergy bonuses). His Perform types are not listed (8 ranks). He should have 4 feats (CL 1, 3, 6, 9); see F:CoA, p. 25.

p. 42, Liam Blackhammer: AC is 11 (his chain shirt only gives +3 because it is ornamental). He should have 96 skill points, but only has 47 (including a synergy bonus to Diplomacy from Sense Motive). He should have 8 skills at 12 ranks each: Alchemy +13, Appraise +13, Craft (blacksmithing) +16 [including Skill Focus, per F:CoA], Diplomacy +16, Gather Information +14, Intimidate +14, Sense Motive +14, and one new skill (such as Craft [armorsmithing] +13). He should have 5 feats (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6, 9); see F:CoA, p. 25.

p. 42, Milton Drac: Ranged Atk should be +9/+4. His skill points tally, but Alertness has not been applied to Listen and Spot (for +11 and +10). Delete "of the Unspeakable One" from his Knowledge skills. He has one feat too many (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6 = 4 feats); delete Weapon Finesse (which gives no real benefit, as his Str and Dex modifiers are equal). You may also wish to delete Extra Turning (clerics do not get this for free) and give him a replacement feat (such as Drac Bloodline, F:CoA, p. 125; this gives him Diplomacy +14 and Balance +4, but he remains untrained in Intuit Direction).
    Drac can spontaneously cast inflict spells; preparing them merely reduces the time need to cast them. Change inflict minor wounds to another, more useful, orison. The DM can decide whether to change his 2nd-4th level inflict spells. Delete the "*" from one of his 1st-level spells; either can be his domain spell, but not both at once. Under 4th level spells, "inflict serious wounds" should read "inflict critical wounds", and change unholy blight to another spell (he does not have the Evil domain).
    Per Defenders of the Faith, gold holy symbols are worth 50 gp. The save DC for Drac's exploding skulls is not given; use DC 14, per necklace of missiles. Drac's potion should be cure light wounds, not "healing" (same as the unnamed priest on p. 41).

p. 42, Tomas Fleetfoot: He should be Exp7 [not 5, as listed]; HD 7d6-7; Atk +6 melee, +8 ranged; SV Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +8. He should have two more feats beyond Alertness (CL 1, 3, 6 = 3 feats). He should have 40 skill points, but has 48. Raise Bluff and Sense Motive to +7 each, giving synergy bonuses to Diplomacy (keep at +9), for a net -2 points. Assign his 2 remaining feats to Skill Focus (Listen and Spot) [gives +3 according to GR's suggested house rule] to balance the remaining points.

p. 42, Petra Fricke: Should have 5 feats (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6, 9). See F:CoA, p. 29. She should have 108 skill points, but only has 98 (including buying Diplomacy cross-class and including the synergy bonus from Sense Motive). Suggestion: Add Knowledge (Local: Freeport) +7 [5 ranks, cross-class]. Her Perform types are not given (8 ranks); per p. 19, they should include dance.

p. 43, Captain Xavier Gordon: Should have 4 feats (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6). See F:CoA, p. 25.

p. 43, Lady Elise Grossette: Fort +3. She should have 84 skill points, but was only given 71. She should have 5 feats (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6, 9); see F:CoA, p. 25. [Leadership seems highly appropriate, but was not included in the F:CoA list].

p. 43, Sister Gwendolyn: She should have 44 skill points, but has only been given 40. She should have 4 feats (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6) but only one is listed. Two of her 1st-level spells are asterisked; both spells are found on both her domain lists and the general cleric list, so choose either one as her domain spell. (The choice only really affects spontaneous casting.) See F:CoA, p. 25. Under Domains, change "each ability" to "these abilities a total of".

p. 43, Captain Lydon: He has 5 ranks in Perform, but types are not given. His skills do not include a +2 synergy bonus to Diplomacy. His feats are not listed, but he should have 6 others (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6 + Ftr 1, 2=6 feats). His stat block seems to include Improved Initiative and Weapon Focus (Saber), but F:CoA gives him other feats. Per F:CoA Official Errata, sabers use scimitar stats. [See also notes for p. 19.] See F:CoA, p. 29 (and errata for F:CoA).

p. 43, Melkior Maeorgan: HD should be 5d10+15; insert "melee" after "Atk +11"; Atk +9 ranged (1d4+6). He should have 40 skill points, but was only given 36; Climb and Jump have no ranks, so add 2 ranks to each (for +3). "Specialized Dagger" should read "Weapon Specialization (Dagger)". His Str is higher than his Dex, so Weapon Finesse is pointless; replace it with another combat feat. Maeorgan's potion should be cure light wounds, not "healing." See the note to p. 14 about his reduced equipment list at the Lighthouse Ball.

p. 43, N'tal: AC is 17 (his natural armor and amulet do not stack). Thrown weapons add Str bonus to damage, so his dart does 1d4+2. His level and Int give him 60 skill points, but he is well over that (70 total) because many of his skills are cross-class. The easiest solution is to drop 5 ranks total from among these cross-class skills (Bluff, Jump, Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot). Add Scribe Scroll to his feat list (free as a class feature). He has no possessions list; see stat block for weapons and amulet; add spell component pouch and Yellow Sign pendant (50 gp). See the Serpent People page for detailed notes on his race.

p. 43: Captain Marcus Roberts: His feats are not listed, but he has Improved Initiative and should have 4 others (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6, 9 = 5 feats). See F:CoA, p. 25 (and errata for F:CoA).

p. 43, Torsten Roth: He should have 4 feats (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6). He should have 77 skill points, but is far over. Profession and Search are cross-class; reduce them to +10 and +7. Assign feats to balance the rest: Alertness and 3 Skill Focuses (Appraise, Innuendo, and Profession [miner]).

p. 44, Arias Soderheim: Per p. 14, he is a half-elf, not an elf. Lawful characters may not advance as bards; "true" neutral seems most appropriate to his write-up on p. 14. His Perform types are not given (10 ranks); p. 14 mentions storytelling and lyre. He should have 104 skill points, but only has 103 (including synergy bonus to Diplomacy). (Suggestion: add one language.) Bards do not prepare spells; change "Spells Prepared" to read "Spells/Day (3/4/4/3/1)". His Spells Known are 6/4/4/4/2, so add three 0-level, one 3rd level and one 4th-level spell to his listed repertoire (see F:CoA Official Errata for list).

p. 44, Tarmon: Should have one more feat (CL 1, 1 (human), 3, 6, 9, 12 + Wiz 1 (Scribe), 5, 10 = 9 feats). See F:CoA, p. 82, for a more complete stat block, including the spells known with Spell Mastery. Tarmon's familiar has the following stats:

Burkhart (Tarmon's Familiar)
    Toad: CR —; Diminutive Magical Beast; HD 12; 24 hp; Init +1 (Dex); Spd 5 ft. (1 square); AC 21 (+4 size, +1 Dex, +6 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 20; Base Atk +6; Grp -11; Atk touch +10 melee (spell); Full Atk touch +10/+5 melee (spell); SA deliver touch spells; SQ empathic link, grant Alertness and +3 hp, improved evasion, share spells, speak with amphibians, speak with master, SR 17; AL CG; SV Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +10; Str 1, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 4.
    Skills and Feats: Alchemy +6, Concentration +15, Diplomacy +0, Knowledge (Arcana) +15, Knowledge (History) +10, Knowledge (The Planes) +11, Scry +9, Search +3, Sense Motive +3, Spellcraft +17, Spot +7, Survival +2 (+3 other planes); Alertness.

p. 44, Thuron, a.k.a. K'Stallo: Monstrous humanoid; HD should be 4d8; per his description on p. 12, he carries a quarterstaff (same damage as listed). F:CoA (p. 107) has changed his domains to Knowledge and Magic (which now agrees with Yig's domains in DiF, and are likely to blend in perfectly among the genuine Knowledge clerics). With those domains, his 28 skill points tally correctly (Trickery would have freed up 2 points with Hide as a class skill). Delete "of Yig" from his Knowledge skills. Delete Alertness and Extra Turning, per F:CoA. See the Serpent People page for detailed notes on his race.
    DMs may wish to raise his level to 5th (he was 4th in Terror in Freeport, and is advanced to 6th in F:CoA). [Likewise, Egil is 2nd in Death, Terror, and F:CoA; DMs may wish to advance him to 3rd at the time of Madness, and 4th by the time he takes over from Thuron in Tales of Freeport.]

p. 44, Captain Hector Torian: His HD, SV and feats indicate that he should be Rog8 (not 9). His Sneak Attack adds 4d6 (not merely 2d6), and his Uncanny Dodge includes "can't be flanked." See F:CoA, p. 26.

p. 44, Captain Garth Varellion: Atk +9/+4 melee or +10/+5 ranged (base attack is +7, so he gets 2 attacks when using full attack). Handle Animal does not list animal types (4 ranks). See F:CoA, p. 26, for possessions. Per F:CoA Official Errata, sabers use scimitar stats.

p. 44, Vrosh: CR 5, according to the EL of Part Three, Area #9 (p. 29). His damage should read 1d8+1+1d6: 1d8 for the spear, +1 for its enhancement bonus, +1d6 electrical. Shadow serpents have +4 turn resistance, not +8. See the notes on New Creatures (pp. 45-46), below. He is missing a Possessions entry: +1 shock short spear, Scales of the Serpent. Both magic items should be listed as ghost touch items, because Vrosh is incorporeal.

pp. 44-45, Captain Brock Wallace, a.k.a. Gorn: HD should be 5d6+15. See the note to p. 14 about his reduced equipment list at the Lighthouse Ball. Rogues are not proficient with falchion; he would get it as a racial trait (per MM, p. 5, "Monstrous Humanoid"), except that his class levels replace the single monster HD. (The easiest solution is to replace it with a cutlass, with which rogues are proficient, per the official errata for F:CoA.) His level and Int give him 80 skill points, but I only count 69 after accounting for ability modifiers, synergy bonuses (to Diplomacy, from Bluff and Sense Motive), and armor check penalties (-2 for masterwork/magic hide), giving him 11 unspent. (He has no cross-class skills, and no skill at maximum ranks.) In order to help him better pose as Brock, I would suggest adding Profession (Sailor) and raising Bluff, Disguise, and Gather Information (5+2+2+2 =11 skill points). His Perform types are not given (3 ranks). See the Serpent People page for detailed notes on his race.

pp. 45-46, New Creatures: Undead have d12 hit dice, not d8, and because they have no Con stat, they have no bonus hp except through the Toughness feat. This will have no effect on play except for the hp given in the module. The DM can either 1) use the hp as given (though all are a little below average for d12 HD), 2) reroll all hp, 3) adjust them by removing all hp bonuses not due to Toughness, then adding 2 hp per HD (the difference between average d8 and d12 rolls), or 4) recalculate average hp. Option #3 gives these new stats: Shadow Constrictor Snake: HD 3d12, 19 hp; Shadow Serpent: HD 3d12, 19 hp (or +6 to listed hp, +10 for Alisster, +12 for Vrosh); Zombie Constrictor Snake: HD 11d12+3, 74 hp. Because these encounters are already pretty challenging, the DM may wish to only boost hp if the PCs had an unusually easy time in Black Dog's Caves.
    For all three creatures, "Solitary: Solitary" should read "Organization: Solitary".

p. 45, Shadow Constrictor Snake: SV Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +4. Note that this undead lacks the MM shadow's "create spawn" ability.

p. 45, Shadow Serpent: Init +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Atk +2 melee; SV Will +4. Under "Combat," change Str damage to 1d6, per the "Damage" entry. Note that this undead lacks the MM shadow's "create spawn" ability. Note that shadow serpents have +4 turn resistance (normal shadows have only +2). This could be explained as part of Yig’s curse, or the GM may wish to drop it to +2 in order to give 4th-6th level clerics a better chance of success.

p. 46, Zombie Constrictor Snake: Change type to "Undead"; SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +7; Advancement 12-24 HD (Huge).

Tim's Run Notes
This page archives my session reports from my run of the module, as posted to the Green Ronin Forums in 2002.

3.5 Revision
Madness in Freeport Revised was released May 2005, and is available through RPGNow or in print as part of the Freeport Trilogy: 5-Year Anniversary Edition.