Freeport Bestiary

p. 1, [credits]: Under Editing, "Tim Emerick" should be "Tim Emrick". (I performed last-minute error-checking that earned me an editing credit, but did not perform the edits on the document myself.)

p. 11, Binaye-Ahani: Advanced Versions: This entry states that, "Each torso generally takes levels in different class," but does not indicate how to apply this to the stat block.

p. 16, Burnling: Ecology: "Fenwick" should be "Fennwick". (See Freeport: The City of Adventure, pp. 268-269.)

p. 18, Caddaja: Ecology: The Knowledge (local) skill is used to identify humanoids, not nature.

p. 19, Caddaja [stat block]: In the size/type line, do not capitalize "Humanoid".
    “Reach” should be bold.

p. 31, Stench Vapor: In the last line, delete the second semi-colon, and italicize "Price".

p. 33, Dakosaurus Companions: Under 7th Level Advancement, delete the second "Attack"; "BIte" should not be capitalized.

p. 34, Dead Man's Brain Lore: Some of this information probably belongs in the main text rather than in this table. Everything in the DC 7 entry after the first sentence should probably be moved to the end of the Ecology text, as it has nothing to do with failed Knowledge checks. In the DC 7 entry, do not capitalize "Concentration".

p. 36, Mental Chaff: Do not capitalize "Concentration".

p. 38, Deadwood Tree Lore: In the DC 32 entry, "Additionally, the characters" should be "Additionally, the character".

p. 47, Adult Sail Dragon [stat block]: Under Spell-like Abilities, insert a comma after "CL 14th".

p. 48, Drahc: The drahc in the illustration is missing wings.

p. 50, Drahc: Advanced Versions: Should the element-infused template be added to this list?

pp. 52-53, Fetish Familiar: This template has no lore entry (perhaps due to its fairly simple nature?).

p. 52, Fetish Familiar Monkey [stat block]: The stat block is missing an Ecology section, but the base creature is a familiar, not a normal animal, so the omission makes sense.

p. 55, Ship of the Damned Pirate [stat block]: Under Special Attacks, “corsair’s luck” should be “freebooter’s luck”.

p. 55, Kothar the Accursed [stat block]: Under Defensive Abilities, delete "evasion" and the extra comma after "improved evasion".
    Under Feats, change “AdeptUC" to “Sap AdeptUC", and move this feat to after Point Blank Shot.

p. 61, Flying Lizard (Irontooth) [stat block]: Under Melee, add “and grab” to bite and tail damage.
    Delete the Space/Reach line (this creature is Medium with standard reach).

p. 62, [The Shipping News headline]: This sidebar belongs with the ghost eater entry (pp. 64-66).

p. 62, Flying Lizards: Uses: In the second paragraph, “darkwing” should be “blackwing”.

p. 64, Gaasyendietha: Ecology: The Knowledge (arcana) skill is used to identify dragons, not (nature).

pp. 69-70, Tiger-Skull Golem; and pp. 70-71, Pumice Totem Golem: These two golems are out of alphabetical order.

p. 65, Ghost Eater: Uses: In the first sentence, do not capitalize "Eaters".
    Under Magic Items, delete the last sentence. Restoration is a 4th-level spell and thus cannot be made into a potion under Pathfinder rules. (On the other hand, a new one-use wondrous item such an an elixir or unguent would be legal.)

p. 77, Haint Shark [stat block]: Under Deadly Bite, change the comma in the last sentence to a semi-colon.

pp. 83-84, Jikininki: This is the only creature in the book without any illustration, Why?

p. 86, Kopuwai: Encounters: Change "workd" to "works".

p. 90, Labarindja: Physical Characteristics: Change "flaawless" to "flawless".

p. 93, Encrusted Minion [stat block]: The "Encrusted Minion" header should probably be expanded to something like "Encrusted Minion Swordsman" (or Sellsword, Bravo, etc.) because it's a sample templated creature rather than a stat block for all such minions.

pp. 94-95, Lotan: In The Pirate's Guide to Freeport, "Lotan" was the name given to the demigod associated with the Pelagic Effigy. That demon was identified as Dagon in the Pathfinder edition of Freeport: The City of Adventure. Using the old name here for a fiery serpent instead of a demonic shark/squid hybrid is confusing, to say the least! Lotans speak Aquan, the language of the sahuagin, so it's possible that the lotans and their lies may have had a part in the Effigy inspiring a new Dagon cult in the Serpent's Teeth.

pp. 96-97, Lycanthrope, Werehagfish: According to the d20 PFSRD ( ), the statistics for a hagfish appear in Pathfinder Adventure Path #56: Raiders of the Fever Sea. (If that stat block was used to create this new lycanthrope, then its source needs to be added to the License text on pp. 180-181.)

p. 97, Werewalrus Lore: In the DC 12 entry, delete the extra period after "lycanthropes".

pp. 99-100, Lyngbakr: Why do these creatures have the giant subtype? That subtype is normally only used for humanoids (and oni), not monstrous humanoids.

p. 100, Malkin: Ecology: The initial “Their” has no antecedent within this section. Change it to “The malkin race”.

p. 101, Malkin [stat block]: Under Melee, “+x” should be “+7”. Under Special Attacks, “+x” should be “+7, ”.
    Detect Evil is a spell-like ability, so should be listed under Offense rather than Special Abilities:

Special-Like Abilities (CL 3rd; concentration +3)
At will—detect evil

    The text about how malkins of various alignments use the spell should be moved to the main text (probably Encounters?).

p. 103, Professor Tibbs [stat block]: See Malkin, above, about Detect Evil.

pp. 107-108, Ningyo: The name "ningyo" has already been used for a creature that appeared in Adventure Path #37: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv and reprinted in Bestiary 4.

p. 108, Ningyo [stat block]: Under Languages, capitalize "common".

p. 110, Ocean Wyrm [stat block]: Under Skills, delete the semi-colon at the end of the entry.

p. 110, Ocean Wyrm: Treasure: In the second sentence, “offerinsgs” should be “offerings”.

p. 114, Picacouatl [stat block]: Delete the Space/Reach line; this creature is Small with standard reach, so it can be omitted.

pp. 115-116, Piesa: The piesa is described as having antlers (p. 115), but the illustration on p. 116 has curved horns.

p. 118, Pit-Brier [stat block]: Under Skills, insert “(+18 in forests)” after “Stealth +10”.

p. 126, Serpent Person Infiltrator [stat block]: Under Skills, insert a comma after "change shape)".

pp. 127-129, Serpent People: Society and Culture: In the first full paragraph on p. 128, “the unfailing” should be “their unfailing”. In the next paragraph, there is a comma that comes after a space, not before.

p. 128, Serpent Person Champion [stat block]: In the race/class line, add "Male or female".

p. 129, Serpent Person Mystic [stat block]: In the size/type line, "of" should be "or".
    Under Senses, delete the "[+5 Wis]" after Perception. (This was me showing my math when I submitted errors. It was not intended to be added as new text.)
    Under Feats, do not capitalize "(Morningstar)".
    Under Skills, Swim should be +7.

p. 129, Serpent Person Mage [stat block]: In the race/class line, "of" should be "or". Delete “(Freeport: The City of Adventure 253)”.
    Under Other Gear, the headband is providing 11 ranks in one skill (already included in the stat block), but that skill needs to be listed here.

p. 131, Serpent Person Pirate [stat block]: Under Skills, insert a comma after "change shape)".
    "Other gear" should be "Gear".

p. 131, Degenerate Serpent Person Warrior [stat block]: Under Melee, short sword and bite should be on a single line, and claws and bite on a second line.
    Delete the SQ line; this warrior lacks the Cha for change shape.
    Under Poisonous Bite, replace the DC formula with “DC 12”.

p. 139, Sunakake Baba: This kami’s hair is described as dark in the boxed text, and dark red or dark green under Physical Characteristics, but the sand witch in the illustration has very pale hair.

p. 149, Thanatos [stat blocks]:
    Under the Large thanatos's Skills, delete the Racial Modifiers. Thanatos get a +8 to Swnm due to having a natural swim speed. (And a second racial bonus would not stack.)
    Both thanatos have far too many skills and skill ranks for their type, HD, and Int. The Large one should have (4, -5 Int = min. 1) x 17 = 17 skill ranks; and the Gargantuan one (min. 1) x 24 = 24 skill ranks. The original entry Creatures of Freeport entry listed only Listen, Spot, and Swim (with no ranks in Swim). Replace the skills lines as follows:
[Gargantuan] Skills Perception +18, Stealth +8, Swim +22
[Large] Skills Perception +12, Stealth +12, Swim +15
    The Special Abilities text for both stat blocks are identical, and thus repetitive, Omit one, and simply refer to the relevant text as needed.

p. 150, Uktena Lore: In the DC 24 entry, "outside rnad" should be "outsider and".

p. 157, Witch-Beast [stat block]: In the second sentence of the Hexes description, "witch" should be "witch-beast".

p. 159, X’sval [stat block]: Under Special Abilities, all save DCs should be 16 (10 + ½ HD [9/2 = 4] + Cha [2]). The DC is missing from Consume.

p. 177, Monsters by CR: Under CR 6, "Serpent Person Champion" should be "Serpent Person (champion)" to conform to usage for other entries on this page.
    Under CR 10, add the sample creature in parentheses after "Encrusted Minion". (See notes to p. 93.)
    Under CR 18, "Hazarael" should be "Hazarel".

pp. 180-181, License: See notes to pp. 96-97 (Lycanthrope, Werehagfish).
    Many of the creatures from this book first appeared in Creatures of Freeport, True20 Freeport Companion, and the d20 Freeport Companion/3rd Era Freeport Companion (see "Updated Creatures" in Tim's Appendices), but those titles are missing from Section 15.

Freeport Bestiary: Tim's Appendices
The Freeport Bestiary does not include indices by terrain and creature type like those included in Paizo's Pathfinder Bestiaries. I have compiled those lists here.