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Tales from the Yawning Portal

Many of the maps in this book have been reproduced at much too small a scale. Many (such as the first level of The Sunless Citadel, p. 13) should have been given a full page, but weren't. And others (most notably Dead in Thay, p. 111) cover so too much territory that even a full page isn't enough space. When a 5-foot square is only a millimeter across, there's no way a DM can read that during play without serious eye strain! Also, some of the older adventures retain their original map scale of one square equals 10 feet, despite the fact that 5-foot squares have been the standard since Third Edition. To mitigate both issues in my home game, I have copied the maps onto graph paper in order to have copies that I can reference during play. This also gave me the opportunity to simplify the maps somewhat so that I could more easily reproduce them on the battle map during game. Some of these maps would be absolutely gorgeous if presented at a more reasonable size, but in many cases that just makes them harder to render on a battle grid.

Introduction (p. 4)
No notes.

Chapter 1: The Sunless Citadel (p. 9)
p. 13, Map 1.1: Fortress Level: See the note about maps under Throughout, above.

Chapter 2: The Forge of Fury (p. 33)
p. 55: 44. Looted Room: "Severak" should be "Several".

Chapter 3: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (p. 61)
pp. 62-63, Map 3.1: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan: The parts of the map that fall into the page gutters are difficult to read. Some white space should have been left at the edge of the page so that no map details were lost.

pp. 84-85: 39. Chamber of the Second Sun: The Serpent Doors are marked "A" on the map (p. 62).

p. 85: 41. Free Gold: The Eastern Door is marked "B" on the map (p. 62); the Western Door is marked "A".

p. 88: 44. Sun of Motion: In the read-aloud text, insert "in" after "purple-red stone". 

Chapter 4: White Plume Mountain (p. 95)
p. 104: 20. Ghoul Ambushers: These amulets grant total immunity, so are more powerful than the Amulet of Protection from Turning (p. 228) from The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan; however, they have not been given a magic item entry in Appendix A.

Chapter 5: Dead in Thay (p. 109)
p. 111, Map 5.1: The Doomvault: See the note about maps under Throughout, above.

p. 150: 88. Black Prison: Under Creatures, "wights" should also be bold.

p. 153: 93. Stone Quarry: Only the first giant is in bold text, but there are two stone giants here.

Chapter 6: Against the Giants (p. 165)
p. 183, Barracks Complex (Areas 16-19): The text describes the spring as being in Area 18, but the map shows it in Area 17.

pp. 187-188, Caverns of the Carls (Areas 18 and 19): Under Area 19, there is no bold text for the frost giant servants or young. See Area 18 about which stats to use.

p. 197: 13A. West Alcove [sic]: Change this subheader to "13A. East Alcove", and change the main text to match (first sentence, and first sentence under Treasure).

pp. 202-203, Temple of the Eye (Areas 9-11): In Area 11, heliotrope is a pinkish-purple shade.

Chapter 7: Tomb of Horrors (p. 211)
p. 222: 22. The Cavern of Gold and Silver Mists: Under Treasure, "of hem" should be "of them".

p. 223: 24. Adamantine Door: In the last sentence, "west" should be "east".

Appendix A: Magic Items (p. 228)
No notes.

Appendix B: Creatures (p. 230)
Most creatures' entries include a note about which adventure(s) they appear in. The specialist wizards (conjurer, enchanter, evoker, illusionist, necromancer, and transmuter) do not. They first appeared in Volo's Guide to Monsters, and are used here in Dead in Thay.