Creatures of Freeport (Pathfinder Conversions)

Most of the new monsters from Creatures of Freeport have been converted to Pathfinder in the Freeport Bestiary (2017). Details are given below. 
    In addition, the Freeport Bestiary updates several other monsters that first appeared in the True20 Freeport Companion and d20 Freeport Companion
    This page also indexes all other creatures original to the Freeport setting, and if available, where they have been updated to Pathfinder.
    "--" = No conversion has been done yet.

Black Sails Over Freeport
    Avatar of Yarash: --
    Fishman Mutant: --
    Grab Grass: --
    Headstone: --
    Life Leech: --
    Skull-Dugger: --
    Treasure Golem: --
    White Gorilla: See Studded Plate blog, "Creatures of Freeport: White Gorilla."

Creatures of Freeport
    Corpse Flower: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Dead Man's Brain: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Deadwood Tree: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Devil Lizard: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Flying Lizards: See Freeport Bestiary. (No stats are given there for the Huge blackwing or Colossal legendary flying lizards.)
    Ghost Eater: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Lycanthrope, Wereshark: See Bestiary 4 191.
    Malkin: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Nereid: See Bestiary 2 198.
    Ocean Worm (Kolan'tathok): See Freeport Bestiary.
    Picacouatl: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Spirit Lizard: See Freeport Bestiary.
Ant Swarm: Use Army Ant Swarm (Bestiary 16).
Crab Swarm: See Bestiary 50.
Death Crab Swarm: --
Jellyfish Swarm: See Bestiary 2 170.
Razorswarm: --
    Tavi (Mongoose Folk): See Freeport Bestiary.
    Thanatos: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Vulpine: --
    X'sval: See Freeport Bestiary.

Appendix I: Animals
    Lizard, Giant: Use Monitor Lizard (Bestiary 194); apply young or giant simple templates for Small and Large lizards, respectively.
    Parrot: Use Raven (Bestiary 133).
    Reef Eel: --
    Sea Hawk: --
    Sea Turtle: --

Appendix II: Vermin
    Clam, Monstrous
Medium: --
Large: --
Huge: --
    Crab, Monstrous:
Medium: See Bestiary 50.
Large: --
Huge: Use Shark-Eating Crab (Bestiary 3 90).
    Jellyfish, Monstrous [Medium]: -- 
    Leech, Monstrous:
Medium: Use Giant Leech (Bestiary 187).
Large: --
Huge: --

Creatures of Freeport Web Enhancement
    Rapax: --

Crisis in Freeport 
    Crowd (template): --

Cults of Freeport 3rd Era Web Enhancement
    Hestian Spectre (template): --
    Monstrous Locust: 
Medium: Use Giant Locust (Bestiary 4 183).
Large: --
Huge: --
Garnatuan: --
Colossal: --
    Ritual Ghoul (template): --

d20 Freeport Companion [3rd Era Freeport Companion]
    Blemmyae: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Brass Monkey: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Burnling: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Chemical Golem: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Fire Spectre (template): See Freeport Bestiary.
    Flayed Man: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Infernal Automaton [from Hell in Freeport]: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Pit-Brier [from Hell in Freeport]See Freeport Bestiary.
    Serpent People [from The Freeport Trilogy]: See Freeport: The City of Adventure and Freeport Bestiary.
Degenerate Serpent People: See Freeport: The City of Adventure and Freeport Bestiary.
    Shadow Serpent [from The Freeport Trilogy]: --
    Skin Cloak: See Freeport Bestiary.
    Skulldugger: See Studded Plate blog, "Creatures of Freeport: Skulldugger."

Dark Wings Over Freeport
    Swarm of Fury: --

Focus on Freeport

#8: An Unwelcome Guest
    Plague Wraith: See Studded Plate blog, "Creatures of Freeport: Plague Wraith."

#14: Deus Ex Machina
    Faith Golem: --

The Freeport Trilogy
    Shadow Constrictor Snake: --
    Shadow Serpent: --
    Serpent Person: See Freeport: The City of Adventure and Freeport Bestiary.

Hell in Freeport
    Automaton: See Infernal Automaton (Freeport Bestiary).
Bulugon [from Book of Fiends]:
Enforcer of Dis [from Book of Fiends]: --- 
The Faceless [from Book of Fiends]: ---
Ice Stalker [from Book of Fiends]: ---
Jalie Squarefoot, The Lich Fiend [from Book of Fiends]: ---
Kocrachon: --
Spinder [from Book of Fiends]: --
Vierhaander from Book of Fiends]: --
    Dread Warrior:--
    Pit-Brier: See Freeport Bestiary.

Shadows in Freeport
    Daeoblinus [from The Book of Fiends]: --
    The Feasting [from The Book of Fiends]: --
    Pwalg: --
    Radiant Boy [from The Book of Fiends]: --
    Revenant (template): This template is distinct from the Pathfinder Revenant (Bestiary 2 235).
    Vespertiliac [from The Book of Fiends]: --

Tales of Freeport
    The Strangers: --

True20 Freeport Companion
(The True20 Freeport Companion was released before the d20 Freeport Companion. Most of its new creatures were converted to v.3.5 in that later book, so the following list only includes creatures that have not appeared in any other Freeport product.)

    Chaio [converted to True20 from Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts]: --
    Dream Children: --
    Fleshraker: --
    Ravenous Zombie: Use Zombie (Bestiary 288).
    Swarm, Ripper Fish: Use Piranha Swarm (3PP) (see PRD).
    Unspeakable Ichor: --

True20 Freeport: The Lost Island
(My v.3.5 conversion of this adventure now includes partial Pathfinder notes.)

    Caliban: Use Mongrelman (Bestiary 2 191).
    Cecaelia: See Bestiary 3 49.
    Clockwork Avatar: --
    Clockwork Scorpion: --
    Clockwork Spider: --
    Lake Monster: Use Plesiosaurus (Bestiary 5 83).
    Lava Statue: --
    Mokulilo Monkey: Use Monkey Swarm (Bestiary 2 212).
    Mosquito, Giant: This creature is smaller and weaker than the giant mosquito in Bestiary 2 293. Instead, use a Stirge with the giant simple template (Bestiary 260, 295). 
    Rat, Doubling: --
    Swarm, Fire Bat: Use Bat Swarm (Bestiary 30) and add elemental resistance.
    Wasp, Giant Parasitic: Use Giant Wasp (Bestiary 275) and add the implant quality.