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Fantasy AGE Bestiary

General notes: 
  • The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook provides no rules for summoning creatures such as demons, djinn, and elementals. The Fantasy AGE Companion (currently scheduled for release in 2018) may include such powers among its new arcana and spells. (The Blue Rose game includes summoning rules, but its arcana system has significantly differences from Fantasy AGE's.)

p. 2, Table of Contents: The subtypes and variations of monsters are not given consistent priority in the Table of Contents; for example, Demons doesn't list any of the example demons (which are given full entries), but Djinn lists the four subraces (which only get a paragraph each). Similarly, all the special qualities under Modifying Monsters are listed here, but the individual animals in Beasts of the Land, Sea, and Air are not. 
    For a more complete list, add the following subentries:

    Under Demons: 
 Assassin Demon 30
 Imp 32
 Demon Lord 34
 Seducer Demon 35

    (Delete the subentries for Djinn?)

    Under Elementals
 Water Elemental 47
 Air Elemental 47
 Fire Elemental 49
 Earth Elemental 49

    (Delete the entries under Nymph?)

    Under Vampire: 
 Master Vampires 114
 Thrall Vampires 116

    (Delete the subentries for Werebeasts?)

    (Note that the Index includes all subtypes, and most other variants.)

    Under Here There Be Monsters!, delete the Elite, Heroic, and Epic entries; those are not the most important subheaders on that page. 
    Chimera (p. 24) and Charnel Knight (p. 26) are out of alphabetical order in this book. 
    Enchinemon (p. 42) is out of alphabetical order in this book. It should come after Elementals (p. 46).
    Nymph (p. 82) and Night Terror (p. 84) are out of alphabetical order.

    Under Beasts of Land, Sea, and Air, add the following entries (but see also the errata notes for pp. 131-132):

 Great Beasts 127
 Animals 127
     Bat 127
     Bear 127
     Bison 128
     Boar 128
     Cat 128
     Crocodile 129
     Dog 129
     Eagle 129
     Hawk 129
     Horse 129
     Rat 130
     Raven 130
     Shark 130
     Tiger 131
     Snake 131
     Squid, Giant 132
     Weasel 132
     Wolf 132

    Under Modifying Monsters, Burrowing is on p. 133. Giant-Sized is out of alphabetical order in the book. Holy and Magic Resistance should be indented evenly with the other qualities listed. 
    Like the list of monsters above, the Modifying Monsters chapter of the Table of Contents is also inconsistently prioritized, with all special qualities listed but none of the higher-tier headers. Replace this list of special qualities in the Table of Contents with the following missing headers:

 Special Qualities 133
 Templates 136
 Borrowing Special Qualities 136
 Adding Talents & Focuses 136
 Magic Items and Weapons 138
 By Any Other Name... 138
 Putting it All Together 138

p. 3, Here There Be Monsters!: This page has two headers titled "How to Use This Book".

p. 3, Anatomy of a Monster: In the fifth bullet point, "statblock" should be "stat block". (Compare Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, p. 103, Statistics Format.)

p. 4, Afanc [fiction sidebar]: Delete the period after "famed dwarven hunter".

pp. 4-5, Demonic Origins: Fix the formatting and text breaks to avoid having orphaned text on p. 5.

p. 5, Heavenly Virtues: This variation on the afanc would make a good match for the original Tarasque of French legend, which was charmed and tamed by St. Martha.

p. 5, Afanc [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, insert a comma after "Shred (3 SP)".

p. 6, Camazotz: In the last sentence, "pages 135" should be "page 135)".

p. 6, Ahool [fiction sidebar]: In the attribution line, the "S" in "Songs" should not be italic.

p. 7, Ahool [stat block]: Under Special Qualities, "Enclose" should be "Enclose Stunt", to match similar unique stunts in other monsters' stat blocks.

p. 8, Amarok [fiction sidebar]: In the attribution line, delete the initial "A".

p. 9, Amarok [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, insert "(1 SP)" after "Knock Prone" (per the Big special quality).

p. 10, Ammit: In the first sentence, "produce" should be "product".

p. 10, Ammit [fiction sidebar]: In the first paragraph, "polled" should be "poled".

p. 11, The God of the Pit: In the second paragraph, the parenthetical "Gatorkin" should be bold (just as references to "Modifying Monsters" is in some creature's entries).

p. 12, Insects from the Stars: In ther last paragraph, "etc..." should be "etc."

p. 17, The Bloody Glades: This hook involves centaurs, which are not described in this book or the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook. The PDF product AGE Bestiary: Beastmen (available in the Green Ronin Online Store) includes stats for centaurs designed for the Dragon Age RPG, which can be used with Fantasy AGE with some conversion. (Add Accuracy 2 and Fighting 2, move the matching weapon focuses to those abilities, rename Cunning to Intelligence, and delete the Magic ability.)

p. 17, With This Axe, He Rules: In the last sentence of the first paragraph, "The move" should be "They move".

p. 17, The Fated Twins: In the last sentence, "PCs" should be "PCs'".

p. 20, Burrower [illustration]: The illustration does not match the description in the main text, as it lacks a beaked mouth and extruded tentacles.

p. 23, Sisterhood of the Traveling Plants: In the second sentence, "tree" should be "trees".

pp. 24-25, Chimera; and pp. 26-27, Charnel Knight: These two monsters are out of alphabetical order in this book.

p. 24, Chimera [fiction sidebar]: In the attribution line, "Atrocities of the Gods" should not be italic.

p. 24, Interchangeable Parts: In the last sentence of the first paragraph, "rom" should be "from".

p. 25, Chimera [stat block]: In the Attacks note, "body part of head" should be "body part or head".

p. 27, The Four Horsemen: GMs looking for inspiration for special qualities to give these charnel knights may wish to look at the Advanced Bestiary's templates for the Four Horsemen (v.3.5 edition, pp. 123-130) or Heralds of the Apocalypse (Pathfinder edition, pp. 167-174). 

p. 28, Craterling: Both the first and third paragraphs give the same information about craterlings spraying eggs then killing prey that resists.

p. 30, Demon: In the first paragraph, "Demon Warrior" should be "Soldier Demon" (per the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, p. 105).

p. 32, Imp [fiction sidebar]: In the second paragraph, insert a comma after "if possible".

p. 33, Imp [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, delete the "(1+ SP)" after "Skirmish"; this is a standard stunt with no discount.

p. 33, Adventure Hooks: The dashes in The Enemy of My Enemy and Moonlighting should be em-dashes (—), not en-dashes (–).

p. 34, Demon Lord [fiction sidebar]: In the first paragraph, "poured" should be "pored".

p. 35, Demon Lord [stat block]: Under Big, insert a parenthesis [)] before the final period.

p. 36, Seducer Demon [fiction sidebar]: "Undine" should be in italics.

p. 37, Seducer Demon [stat blocks]: Under Weapons, delete the space in the Arcane Blast's damage (to make it "1d6+4", not "1d6 +4").

p. 39, Divine Warrior [fiction sidebar]: In the attribution line, delete the first "the" in the title.

p. 40, Djinn: In the third paragraph, "aqua djinn" should be "water djinn".
    In the last sentence of the fourth paragraph, "died with" should be "died will".

p. 40, Rock Djinn: Add a period at the end of this paragraph.

p. 41, Djinn [stat block]: Under Speed, the note should begin with an asterisk (*). 

pp. 42-43, Enchinemon: This monster is out of alphabetical order in the book. It should come after Elementals (pp. 46-49).
    In the fourth paragraph on p. 42, "intelligentce" should be "intelligence".

p. 47, Water Elemental [stat block]: Under Fluid Nature, change "one centimeter" to "one-half inch"; all other measurements in Fantasy AGE are in imperial units, not metric.

p. 47, Air Elemental [stat block]: Under Wind Buffet, "Accuracy (Wind Buffet)" should be in small caps and bold.

p. 49, Fire Elemental [stat block]: Under Flame Blast, the elemental's Spellpower for the purposes of resisting the blast is [10 + Willpower (0) + arcana focus (none) =] 10.
    Under Set Aflame Stunt, delete the extraneous "s" at the end of the paragraph (after "action.").

p. 51, Fire Ogre [stat block]; and p. 51, Other Hosts: The sample fire ogre has the same ability scores as an ogre (Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, p. 111), except that its Intelligence has been increased by +2. Other hosts might also receive this bonus to represent the demon's higher intellect.

pp. 52-53, Demon-Possessed Fomoiri: In the paragraph after Gaze of the Abyss, all instances of "formoiri" should be "fomoiri".

p. 57, Gatorkin [stat block}: Under Hold Breath, "is not engage" should be "does not engage".

p. 58, Ghoul [fiction sidebar]: Delete the period at the end of the attribution line.

p. 59, The Tribute: In the last sentence of the first paragraph, insert a comma after "bandit"; "to forgiveness" should be "for forgiveness".

p. 61, The Emperor's New Claws: In the first sentence, "sees himself as the greatest of his ancestors" is a somewhat awkward phrase. Substitute "bloodline" or "dynasty" for "ancestors" would improve the meaning.

p. 61, Saddle Up!: Add a period to the end of the third paragraph.

p. 62, Groi: In the fourth sentence, capitalize the first word ("groi"). 
    In the second paragraph, "applications to dominance" should probably be "applications of dominance", or "assertions of dominance".

p. 63, Groi [stat block]: In the Burrowing paragraph, only "Burrowing" should be bold.

p. 64, Did You Hear That?: In the first sentence, "grootslangs" should be "grootslang"; "grootslang" is used for both the singular and plural throughout the rest of the monster's entry.

p. 64, Grootslang [fiction sidebar]: The quotation marks around "dumb beast" should be single quotes, because they are inside the Sergeant's quoted speech.

p. 65, Grootslang [stat block]: Under Trample, "medium sized" should be "human sized". Medium size is a d20 game term, but is not used in Fantasy AGE.

p. 68, Knifehound: In the third paragraph, "tan-fur" should be "tan fur".

p. 68, Knifehound [fiction sidebar]: In the second paragraph, insert a comma after "They're smart".

pp. 68-69, Crossbreeds: In the first line of p. 69, "statblock" should be "stat block".

p. 69, Into the White: In the last sentence, "does" should be "is".

p. 71, The Dollhouse: "The want" should be "They want".

p. 75, Merfolk [stat block]: Under Drown, "of the their turn" should be "of their turn". 

p. 78, Morlock: The illustration's glowing red eyes don't match the main text, which describes morlocks as blind, with blank white eyes.

p. 78, Morlock [fiction sidebar]: At the end of the second paragraph, delete the space after the ellipsis (...), and do not capitalize "Human". 

p. 79, Morlock [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, Mighty Blow is a standard stunt that is not discounted, so delete the " (2 SP)" after it.

p. 79, Offerings to the Dark: Insert "a" before "sinister cult".

p. 81, Mothman [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, insert " (2 SP)" after "Lightning Attack".

pp. 82-83, Nymph; and pp. 84-85, Night Terror: These two monsters are out of alphabetical order in this book.

p. 83, Mountain Nymphs (Oreads): Under Armored, add a period to the end of the paragraph.

p. 83, Nymph [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, Lightning Attack and Taunt are standard stunts that are not discounted, so delete the parenthetical SP cost that follow them.

p. 85, Giant Night Terrors: Change "statistics above" to "statistics at right".

p. 88, Burning: Burning Touch should be a separate paragraph, with "Burning Touch" in small caps and blue text.

p. 89, Freezing: Freezing Touch should be a separate paragraph, with "Freezing Touch" in small caps and bold, blue text.

p. 92, Mystics and Sorcerers: The list of arcana is a sentence fragment. Delete the period after "disposal", and replace it with ", typically chosen from the". Insert "Arcana" after "Divination".  

p. 92, Penanggalan [fiction sidebar]: The attribution lines for fiction sidebars in this book are presented in italic, but this one is a title, so should be in regular text. 

p. 93, Heads of State: In the first sentence, "by pact" should be "by pacts".

p. 93, Penanggalan [stat block]: Under Hard to Kill, "Vampires" should be "Penanggalan" (note that the singular and plural forms are identical).

p. 94, Rat King: In the fourth paragraph, "Rat Kings" should be "Rat kings".

p. 94, Rat King [fictional sidebar]: Delete the period at the end of the attribution line.

p. 101, Shadow Person [stat block]: Under Feed, the third bullet item should not be bold.

p. 102, Shard Lord: In the first sentence of the fourth paragraph, "the other tasks perform" should be "performing other tasks".

p. 102, Shard Lord [fictional sidebar]: "Down Under" and "Down Below" are presumably references to the networks of subterranean tunnels and caverns that can be found in many fantasy worlds, such as the Underdark of many D&D worlds or the Darklands of Pathfinder's Golarion. (It could conceivably even be a reference to Freeport's Underside.) 

p. 103, Shard Lord [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, add "Disarm (1 SP)". (Arm Blades discounts it, so it should be included here.)
    Under Crystalline Form, do not hyphenate "incredibly-resilient".

p. 105, Soul Harvester [stat block]: Under Darkvision, "Sould" should be "Soul". 

pp. 110-111, Treeman: This is the only monster entry in the book with two fiction sidebars.

p. 115, Master Vampire [stat block]: Under Armor, change "7" to "6". (Unnatural Armor gives the master vampire an Armor Rating equal to its Willpower, which is 6 for this vampire.)
    Under Weapons, delete the asterisk under Bite. Instead, add "Vampire Bite (4 SP)" to Favored Stunts.
    Under Spells, delete the final comma. 
    Under Talents, Air Arcana is out of alphabetical order. (Note that the master vampire only knows the Fate Arcana talent at the Novice degree, but has the Fate Arcana focus. This simplifies the need to add a conditional note to its Spellpower.)

p. 117, Thrall Vampire [stat block]: Under Favored Stunts, delete the parenthetical SP costs for Pierce Armor and Seize the Initiative; the stat block gives no justification for those discounts. Insert " (4 SP)" after "Vampire Bite".

p. 120, Wereshark: Delete the second period at the end of the paragraph.

p. 124, Zenadrim: In the fifth paragraph, "zenadrimwith" should be "zenadrim with".

p. 126, How Do We Kill This Thing?: In the second paragraph, "thezenadrim" should be "the zenadrim".

p. 126, Brothers of the Titan: In the first sentence, insert "it" after "using".

p. 131, Tiger; p. 131, Snake; p. 132, Squid, Giant: In the main text, Tiger is out of alphabetical order.

p. 133, Amphibious: Both instances of "Sea devils" should be "Amphibious creatures".

p. 134, Giant-Sized: This special quality is out of alphabetical order on this page.

pp. 139-140, Index: 
    Under C, add the following subentries to Craterling:

 Alien 28
 Giant 28
 Warrior 28

    Under D, move "Demons ... 30-37" to where the "Demon" line is, and move "Customizing ... 33" to the Demon subentries. 
    Under G, add "Wendigo ... 58" to the Ghoul subentries. (Wendigo is also indexed under W.)
    Under K, add a "Dire Hounds ... 68" subentry to Knifehound.
    Under M, Magic Resistance is on pages "134-135". Add a "Sirens ... 75" subentry to Merfolk. Add a "Venomous ... 80" subentry to Mothman.
    Under N, the Nymph subentries lack the parenthetical alternate names (though those names are indexed separately). "Air" should be "Air/Wind".
    Under S, Shark is on pages "130-131". Under Slime, the list of subentries is redundant with those for Ooze and could be replaced with a simple cross-reference. 
    Add the following subentries under Soul Harvester:

 Dimensional Shifting  104
 Giant Harvesters 104

    Under T, Templates is on page "136" only. Add a subentry for "Mad Machine ... 136". 

    Add the following entries to the Index:

 Animals 127-132
 Collateral Damage 137
 Dreadnaught 72
 Elite 3
 Epic 3
 Heroic 3
 Hyena Form 19
 Kaiju 108
 Mad Machine Template 136
 Swarm Lords 95
 Undead Mounts 26

Tim's Appendices (Fantasy AGE Bestiary) presents an index by threat level and other reference aids.

Freeport in Fantasy AGE lists references to Green Ronin's Freeport setting that can be found in this book.