Timothy Allan Schroeder

Associate Professor
Ohio State University

I have been a member of the OSU Philosophy Department since 2006. My work is primarily in the philosophy of mind (desire, mental representation, concepts, consciousness) and in moral psychology (desire, addiction, moral responsibility).

I wrote a dissertation on the nature of mental representation at Stanford University under Fred Dretske, way back in 1998. But those ideas didn't go far, and so I turned to thinking about the nature of desire (wants, wishes) from a similarly naturalistic starting point. Now I'm the author of a book on the nature of desire, Three Faces of Desire (2004: Oxford University Press), of which I am more than reasonably proud. More recently, I'm working on papers on the neuroscience of moral motivation, the neuroscience of virtue, conscious thought, and deliberation, among others. Nomy Arpaly and I have a book coming out soon with OUP, titled In Praise of Desire, on acting for reasons, desiring, and virtue. And I have a long-stalled book project tentatively titled Reasons from Atoms to which I hope someday to return.

As a teacher, I can typically be found teaching Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, and graduate seminars on consciousness, rationality, and related topics. I’m also involved in coordinating the Department’s efforts to teach its informal reasoning course (Philosophy 1500).


350 University Hall
230 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH
43210  USA
e-mail: timothy.allan.schroeder at gmail dot com
e-mail: schroeder.404 at osu dot edu