This website is composed of the following sections:
  1. Books for sale:
    • Doubles methods and variation in blue line format
    •  Triples methods in blue line format
  2. A collection of quarter peal compositions
  3. A selection of short recordings of Dorset's tower bells
  4. Information about my involvement with handbells
  5. And a few other bits and pieces of interest or use!
All compositions found on this site have been computer proven. However, please check them for proof yourself to confirm I've not included any typing errors. Many of the compositions are for lesser rung methods where compositions are not widely available online.

In the tower bells section I am trying to build up a library of 10-40 second clips of all of Dorset's towers. As you can appreciate this will take time, so I will add to and update as I can. Unfortunately a slight issue with the delete button in 2011 followed by a long period of apathy has led to a major set back in this quest!

I welcome feedback, corrections and alterations, so please contact me at tim.rose2@gmail.com

Last Updated: January 2014