Ai-S Nikkor 24/2.8

The Ai-S Nikkor 24/2.8 is a great example of the final version of Nikon's manual focus lens technology. Optical performance and mechanical construction are both excellent. The reasonable f/2.8 maximum aperture keeps size and weight (250g) down, while allowing for apparently slightly better performance than the discontinued f/2 version. The Ai-S 24/2.8 is a great lens to use as a member of a travel set of three medium-aperture primes using the so-called 2X rule: 25mm/50mm/100mm. It has a good compromise wide angle field of view at 84%, substituting for both 20mm and 28mm or even, in a pinch, 35mm lenses. On the other hand, if you don't expect to often need this true wide angle coverage, a 28mm or 35mm lens may be more comfortable for common or casual situations. The 24/2.8 takes classic Nikon standard 52mm filters. I use a standard Nikon L37c filter without any vignetting, although I would avoid filters with wider rings. The lens is still manufactured and available new in 2013. The Nikon HN-1 screw-on metal hood is designed for this lens. The HN-1 is quite thin, so it fits nicely into a pocket of the camera bag when removed from the lens. Although this Ai-S lens was originally designed for manual focus cameras, it also works great with Nikon auto focus film and FX digital bodies, especially with its extremely wide depth of field and perhaps more common use with stationary or slower moving subjects.

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