Carl Zeiss Distagon 28/2.8

The Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28mm f/2.8 (MM) is very similar to the 25/2.8, but with slightly less angular field (74 degrees vs. 80 degrees), and slightly less length and weight. For travel, I usually carry the 25/2.8 instead because I want to make sure to have enough angle of coverage when necessary. But for close up group shots of people or other applications, a 28mm lens is, of course, very useful.

Contax provided two alternative lens hoods for the 28/2.8. The best choice is the metal Contax 55/86 Ring, which can be used on top of a 55mm filter. Contax also offered a G-12 Soft Lens Shade. The advantage of the rubber shade is that it provides better shock protection and also can be folded back and used together with a lens cap. The disadvantage of the rubber shade is that is cannot be used with a filter, otherwise it may cause vignetting. (Note: I attached on top of a filter in the below photograph for demonstration purposes only!). I prefer to use the 55/86 Ring since I obviously like to keep a filter on the lens. Both lens hoods also work on the 25/2.8.

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