Baby Pups / Kitties Surprise Outfit – code 8872/8875, 1992

Guess which outfit is hiding inside!

There were six different outfits each for the kittens and puppies that could be inside. 

Photo by: Reddsetgogirl

I believe that any mould and any color was used for these babies. Baby Surprise Outfit puppies and kitties are difficult to distinguish from regular puppies and kittens as they do not have different features. The only way to really tell if the puppy or kitty is a Surprise Outfit puppy or kitty is by reading its tag.

These babies came with a sleeping bag, a small box that folds on the top and an outfit. The box stated that if you didn't want to get the same outfit twice, you should choose a different coloured box each time.

Purple Kitty Surprise box

Outfit: Nurse





Pink Kitty Surprise box

Outfit: Fiesta





Peach Kitty Surprise box

Outfit: Cheerleader



Green Kitty Surprise box

Outfit: Groom




Blue Puppy Surprise box

Outfit: Baseball player




Pink Puppy Surprise Box

Outfit: Cowboy/girl


Green Puppy Surprise box

Outfit: Mermaid






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