Sleep n Surprise

Sleep ‘n’ Surprise – code 8888/8878, 1992

'Special Surprise Bedtime Toy for your Baby Pup!'

Both kittens and puppies occurred in the 'Sleep n Surprise' babies but, as I mainly own puppies from this set I have used 'puppy' throughout the description.

These puppies were different from regular puppies as they did not lie down but sat up like babies. They also had holes in their mouths and sucking implements attached to their paws. These implements include pacifiers, bottles and teethers. These babies had two surprises. Firstly, you didn't know whether it was a boy or girl and secondly they came with a surprise bedtime toy; either a teddy, puppy or kitty toy. The toy is flat and felt-like. 


The puppies also had ribbons like regular puppies but, unlike regular puppies, these ribbons did not tell you whether the puppy was a boy or girl. The puppies wear pyjama-like clothes with stars and moons that glow in the dark and, by pulling down the flap of the pyjamas at the back of the puppy, you could find out its gender. There are two different types of gender-determining prints I have seen. The ordinary one simply says ‘It’s a girl!’ or ‘It’s a boy!’. I also have puppies that have English and German printed on their tags and the print under the pyjama is of a blue puppy that is lying down (I assume these are boy puppies and I assume girls are pink).


Because of their unique ‘sitting-up’ pose, new moulds were made for these puppies’ heads.


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