Several different types of Puppy Surprise exist. As Hasbro called all of the dogs ‘Puppy Surprise’, I have split them into ‘breeds’ and then given each dog in each breed a name for identification purposes. Some names are taken from names we gave the dogs in childhood, while others are a summary of the dog’s appearance.


Five different types of collars came with Puppy Surprise mothers. From the back, purple and pink with ‘Puppy Surprise’ printed on in white, purple and pink with ‘Puppy Surprise’ on a pink sticker and green with ‘PS’.

A Puppy Surprise collar from a Puppy Surprise found in the UK. I assume they had pictures on them so Hasbro didn't have to produce a large amount of collars with different languages on them. Interestingly, the same heart-shaped collar was released with Hasbro's 'Fluffy, my come-here puppy'.


All Puppy Surprise dogs, except those sitting up, lie down facing the right.


Cocker Spaniel

These dogs have relatively long noses (although not as long as Husky noses) and always have long, ears (some furry, some not) and furry tails. They have one ribbon on the centre of their head and one ribbon on their tail.



Some people refer to these as ‘bulldogs’. They have short noses and always have short, unfurred, drooping ears and furry tails. They have two ribbons on their head (one on either side) and one ribbon on their tail.




These dogs have long noses. They are unique in that they have furry feet, a furry head and a furry ‘bobble’ on their tail. They have two ribbons, one above each ear. They have no tail ribbon.




These dogs have long noses and short, pointy ears and furry tails. They have one ribbon on the centre of their head and one on their tail.




These dogs have short noses, similar to a Labrador’s face. Their ears are always short, unfurred and drooping, however their tails have no fur. They have one ribbon on the centre of their head and one on their tail.



These dogs are not lying down; they sit up, facing the left. They have faces similar to Labradors with drooping, furry ears that are longer than Labradors. They have only one ribbon that is on their head. 

These dogs are the 'Sleepy Eyed' Pets from the commercial at the top of the page. They came with puppies (either two or three) that had 'opening and closing' eyes. 


Toys R Us (Licensed)






Just as the adults looked different, the puppies were made to match the different breeds of their mothers (except for the Dalmatians for some reason). There were two sizes of puppies – regular and ‘runt’. I think the runt puppies were more commonly found in mothers that came with four or five puppies as this would have made it easier to fit into her Velcro pouch. However, I don’t know for sure. The runts were made with identical head moulds as regular puppies except their bodies were smaller.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – long ears, came with cocker spaniel mothers, sitting up mothers and, occasionally, Labrador mothers




Labrador Puppies – short ears, came with Labrador mothers, Dalmatian mothers, sitting up mothers and, occasionally, Cocker Spaniel mothers.




Poodle Puppies – poodle hair, came with Poodle mothers and sitting up mothers.




Husky Puppies – have pointed ears, came with Husky mothers and Dalmatian mothers.

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