Playful Hair Surprise

Playful Hair – code 8899/8897 (Kitty), code 8838/8897 (Pony), code 8898/8897 (Puppy), 1993

Comb your baby’s hair and watch it grow!

These animals have hair that you can brush. In order to determine what gender your baby was, you had to pull the hair on its head up until you could see the colored ribbon that was attached to the hair (blue for boys, pink for girls). Afterwards, you pulled on the tail to retract the hair back into the head.


These babies came only with a comb.  Interestingly, the comb used for both the kitties and ponies was actually produced for the original ‘My Little Pony’ products. It is referred to by MLP collectors as a ‘flowers pick’.

The combs that came with the puppies are the same as those made for Hasbro's 'Sweetie Pups'. The pictures on the box show the kitties coming with the combs from Hasbro's 'Sweetie Kitties', but in reality they were released with flower picks.  





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