Pet Surprise – code 8755, 1993

Pet Surprise were made in 1993 and are what I like to call ‘adolescents’; they look like they are halfway between being a Surprise baby and Surprise mother. If you have a look at the commercial (see above) you will see that the Pet Surprise animals came in a pink box that either barked or meowed. The surprise was what the animal looked like (its colouring) and whether it was a boy or a girl.


They have a Velcro pouch similar to a mother Surprise animal however this pouch holds a battery-operated voice box instead of babies. When you push the voice box the animal makes a noise. The dog barks and the cat meows. The voice boxes can be hard to find as they only tie into the pouch and therefore get lost easily.



The ‘Pet Surprise’ animals did not come with collars, instead they came with bandanas. A pink bandana on your puppy or kitty meant it was a girl, while a blue bandana signified a boy.  






Colour: Fluro Pink / White

Face: Fluro pink with white muzzle and eyebrows




Colour: Light Pink

Face: Light pink with white muzzle and patch on forehead



Colour: Black, white and pink

Face: Black patched






Colour: White and pink

Face: White patches



Colour: Hot pink and white

Face: Hot pink with white blaze




Colour: Light pink

Face: Light pink with a white muzzle




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