Drink n Surprise

Drink ‘n’ Surprise – code 8885, 1992

Feed your puppy! Will it drink ‘n wet or drink ‘n burp?

These puppies had two surprises. Firstly, you didn’t know if it would be a boy or girl, and secondly you didn’t know whether it would wet or burp after drinking. The box says, ‘If you don’t want to get the same type of puppy, choose a different-colored bed each time!’.  They came with a bed, sleeping bag, bottle and bib.


As far as I can tell, almost any puppy mould and any color was used for this type of puppy.  As you can see in the photo, I own a variety of puppies that are Drink ‘n Surprise. Drink ‘n Surprise puppies are easy to distinguish from regular puppies as they have a hole in their mouth where the bottle fits in.

The Drink ‘n Burp puppies have a hole in their mouth which feeds into a small plastic container inside their bodies. When you squeeze the container (without any water in it) the puppy sounds like it is squeaking (or burping). When you feed the puppy using the bottle, squeezing the container forces the water back out and the puppy sort of sounds like it’s burping.


The Drink ‘n Wet puppies also have a hole in their mouth. However, this feeds into a tube that runs through their bodies and out of a hole on their underside. The underside of the puppies is a plastic-type material and feels different to normal puppy bodies.




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