Accessories - Pieces

Here is where I have put pictures of items that came with Puppy Surprise.

Sleeping Bags

These came with Drink 'n' Surprise and Surprise Outfit babies. There are five colours (four are shown). From the left; green, purple, pink and blue (yellow also exists).





These came with Drink 'n' Surprise babies. There are two different colours; green and purple. According to the DnS box, the colour of the bunting indicates the type of puppy inside (i.e. Drink 'n' wet or Drink 'n' burp).





These came with the Drink 'n' Surprise babies.







These nappies came in three colours, green, pink and yellow. They came with the Puppy Surprise crib.











These bonnets came with velcro ribbons in three different colours, pink, green and purple. They came with the Puppy Surprise stroller.

Teddy Bear

A flat, felt-like teddy bear. It came with the 'Sleep n Surprise' babies. Also available were a dog or cat.





And... my pride and joy - an animation cel from the original ad!



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