About Me and My Collection

Being a 90's child, I was around at the time Hasbro brought out the original Puppy Surprise. I only remember Puppy and Pony Surprises from the 90’s, although I didn’t own a mother (my sisters and I all had dress-up surprise Puppies). I clearly remember my cousin getting a black and white Pony Surprise from my grandmother. It wasn’t until I was looking on ebay that I discovered the existence of Kitty, Baby Cub and Bunny Surprises.

Most of my animals have been found at garage sales, flea markets or goodwill. Some of the more unusual ones were purchased from ebay or other on-line toy sites. My greatest find ever was a black and white Pony Surprise with five babies and her collar. I found her at our local flea market for $6!

I hope to eventually have all the variations of all of the Surprise animals. At the moment I am working on finding all the adult variations, sometime soon I may start trying to get all of the babies as well.

The Count so far:

Hasbro Puppy Surprise adults: 25

Missing: 2 known (Masked pink labrador, sitting white dog)

Toys R Us Puppy Surprise adults: 1

Missing: 2 known (pink and white, brown and white)

Hasbro Kitty Surprise adults: 7

Missing: ? at least 4

Hasbro Pony Surprise adults: 6

Missing: 2 known (sitting pink and white, sitting black and white)

Hasbro Cub Surprise adults: 5

Missing: 0 known

Hasbro Bunny Surprise adults: 3

Missing: ? at least 3

Hasbro Playful Hair Surprise:

Puppies: 2 (missing 1)

Kittens: 3

Ponies: 3

Hasbro Pet Surprise:

Dogs: 3

Cats: 3