Vintage Puppy Surprise

Surprise, surprise, Puppy Surprise... How many puppies... are there inside?



16/10/11 - Bunny Surprise in box added!

22/3/11 - New dress up surprise puppies added!

28/4/10 - New dress up surprise kitties added!

27/4/10 - New puppy, bunny, cub and pony added! 

Surprise animals were stuffed toys from the 90’s made by Hasbro.  They came in a wide range of species – Puppy Surprise, Kitty Surprise, Pony Surprise, Baby Cub Surprise and Bunny Surprise. The animals (both mother and baby) had plastic faces and soft bodies. The mothers had a Velcro pouch that the babies would fit in (although it was difficult with five babies). The babies were filled with beans (similar to bean bag beans) while the mother was filled with stuffing. They were made in a variety of colours from brown to black all the way through hot pink and lime green. The babies usually matched the mother fairly well in terms of colour and ‘breed’, although you could sometimes receive a ‘ring-in’.

Each animal came with three, four or five babies (the ad from the 90’s says ‘One in five mummy dogs come with four or five babies’. So, the odds of getting a mother with more than three babies were actually fairly low). Around the babies’ necks were coloured ribbons. Blue indicated that the baby was a boy, while pink meant it was a girl. The box states ‘each baby (animal) inside is different!’.

Originally, the surprise animals were sold just as mothers and babies. During the later production periods however, single babies were produced. This allowed you to add more babies to your already existing family or simply have one baby if you weren’t too keen on the parents.

The animals were produced in 1991, 1992 and 1993 (according to their tags) and also sold around this time in shops. They have appeared at many trash and treasure markets and garage sales since this time and, more recently, have begun to appear on ebay.

I am not pretending that I own ALL of the different variations that exist – I don’t. So don’t be surprised if I don’t have an animal that you know exists. If you would like to contribute to this site, including any pictures or information you may have, please email me at 

timpersock @ gmail . com (without spaces). I will then put up the pictures or information and give you full credit.


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